Do you want to be reinforcement of America? Brian Rodríguez’s position on the desire in the Eagles that it be his signing

The Uruguayan striker knows that he has drawn attention in Coapa and leaves the door open for a possible contract.

Rodríguez already knew what it is to face America with LAFC.
© Gettyimages.Rodríguez already knew what it is to face America with LAFC.

In view of Jorge Meré’s departure on loan to MazatlánAmerica was left with a foreign position available to hire and in that sense, they have decided to go for an element in attack able to perform on both sides. From that, they generated a list of candidates that included brian rodriguezwhom they faced this Wednesday night in the game with LAFC.

Regarding the interest of the Eagles, Rodríguez confessed to having heard the rumors, but leaves everything in the hands of his agent. “I have listened, obviously I have listened. I leave that in the hands of my agent, who is surely working on it. Focused on LAFC at this time and if it happens, welcome it “said on the subject.

All in all, Brian recognized that being able to reach the Liga MX with the Águilas is an option that he would like because it would represent for him an important step in his careerso it left open the possibility of this happening to the extent that negotiations between directives can take place.

“Yes of course, obviously (he would like to). America and playing in Mexico would be a great leap for me, a great league. It is possible and we will see what will happen “confessed the Uruguayan striker, who has also been placed in Flamengo’s orbit to the extent that there was talk of the existence of a club agreement with the player.

Finally, Brian Rodríguez pointed out that personally, the fact that in Coapa there are three of his compatriots as Jonathan Rodriguez, Federico Viñas and Sebastian Cacereswho have already spoken positively about both the institution and the city to encourage him to join the Nido.

“In this case, I have three in America and that adds up a lot. They have spoken to me very well about the club, they have spoken to me very well about the city. I already know a lot about the league and if it’s possible, welcome “sentenced.


The trip to Los Angeles was profitable for America beyond sports. And it is that regardless of the meeting with LAFC, there was a first meeting between the leaders of both institutions to be able to touch on the subject of a possible transfer of Brian Rodríguez to the Eagles, all based on the interest that the footballer has in joining the club.

for now, there is no formal offer much lessbut it is expected that in the coming days there may be progress on the subject if the conditions are favorable for the two teams.

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