Do you regret the renewal?: Helmut Marko, tired of Checo Pérez

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Helmut Marko again he returned to the charge against Checo Pérez. After the Mexican had an unforgettable performance in Saturday’s qualifying test at the Hungarian GP, ​​with Max Verstappen having to settle for tenth place on the grid and Checo Pérez failing to get through Q2, the Red manager Bull assured that the driver from Guadalajara is “too far” from his teammate.

The sports adviser of the Red Bulls did not hold back and directly attacked Pérez: “He [Pérez] it’s too far from max [Verstappen] right now… It’s very unfortunate that Checo was asleep”he told “Servus TV”. In that occasion, Helmut Marko He was referring to the appointment in France, when the native of Guadalajara was overtaken by George Russell in the last breaths of the race, after a ‘virtual safety car’. “A third place was lost there. Maybe I was drinking too much tequila last night,” he finished.

Later, Helmut Marko expressed his disappointment in referring to the results of qualifying at the Hungaroring, telling “Sky Germany”: “It was also a difficult situation in all the practice sessions, so we have to sit together.”

Helmut Marko once again attacked Checo Pérez. Source: (Instagram @schecoperez)

“Summer break hasn’t started yet, but Perez seems to be on vacation already. We need to talk to him and he should continue to use Max’s setup,” he continued, deadly.

Helmut Marko on Checo Perez

In addition, the Red Bull manager added that Checo Pérez needs to be in “better shape” from the first practice session. “If you’re already a second behind, you can’t catch up.”

For his part, the man from Guadalajara spoke after qualifying and seemed to blame the Haas driver, Kevin Magnussen, for his poor performance on Saturday in Hungary. “It was very unfortunate because I lost a few tenths, missed Q3 by a few hundredths and then going into turn two I lost a lot to Kevin. I just had to go really deep into the corner and couldn’t recover afterwards.

The man from Guadalajara did not get good results in the Hungarian GP. Source: (Instagram @schecoperez)

Let’s remember that Checo Pérez signed a multi-year contract with Red Bull until 2024, after getting the first place on the podium at the Monaco GP. The news was a real surprise, given that Marko himself had assured on more than one occasion that they would only start negotiations after the summer holidays. He’ll regret it?

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