Discrimination at Sonora Grill. Copred collects testimonies from “affected people”

The president of Copred, Geraldina Gonzalez de la Vegareported that testimonies are collected from “people affected” by the restaurant chain, Sonora Grill Primethis, after the complaint of discrimination in one of its branches.

In an interview for MVS Newsthe head of the Council said that “there have been many testimonies”, referring to the acts of racism of the restaurant chain.

“Many testimonies have come out, even testimonies have come out in social networks of people who have worked there or who have gone to eat or have a drink there and well, all of this obviously contributes to this complaint,” he said.

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He also considered that “the restaurant must respond to a request for information about whether it resorts to discriminatory practices.”

In the same way, he pointed out that “Copred is committed to non-repetition. The most important thing is that restaurants that have discriminatory policies change them towards equal treatment. We cannot continue this type of practice in establishments.”

Alleged ex-employee of the Sonora Grill tells her experience

Via TikTok the user: @sof.otero recounted the experience she had as a restaurant employee.

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“I worked as a hostess, which is the person who takes you to your table. And from day one they explained to me that the tables on the balcony were reserved for people “with the best presentation”, because they are the tables that can be seen from the street”, revealed the young woman.

Faced with this situation, he narrated that one day they caught his attention, despite the fact that he had followed the orders to the letter. “I sat there (on the balcony) the people who came better dressed, more formal, until one day they caught my attention… I sat a couple who came formal, well groomed, and they asked me if they could have a good view on the balcony and then the manager told me that I shouldn’t do that, because they didn’t meet ‘the standards’ and then he pointed to a couple and said: ‘Look, they, for example, do meet them’ “.

“And what is the difference between the couple that I sat on the balcony and the couple that the manager told me did meet the standards?” Well, the ones I sat down with were dark-haired, and the one the manager told me did meet the standards, which were actually more informal, were white,” he added.

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