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América put Oswaldo Sánchez in his Netflix series celebrating a goal with Chivas!

We believed that there could not be a bigger bear in the history of the America than that of Kalusha without a goalkeeper, but they have surpassed themselves because in the trailer of their new series on netflixwhich will be released on August 31, The Eagles posted an image of Oswaldo Sánchez celebrating a goal playing for Chivas!

In the first moments of the advancement of the series “America vs America” we see team legends like Alfredo Tena, Carlos Reinoso and José Antonio Roca, but among all of them, in the second nine, Oswaldo Sánchez appears with the Guadalajara shirt celebrating a score of the Americanist archrival in the very Azteca Stadium.

This detail, of course, has been a topic of conversation on social networks, with Chivas fans bragging that “they have dad on their minds”while the Americanists assure that “nobody knew that their team has a series”, about the one that exists on Amazon Prime Video dedicated to the Sacred Flock, released in mid-2021.

What is the America series on Netflix about?

The world’s leading streaming company made this series of Mexico’s most winning team to meet the high demand for sports content in our country, understanding that America is the most media team of allboth by those who support it and those who detest it.

This docuseries explores the past, present and future of America, the most controversial soccer club with the most titles in Mexico, and the DNA of its players. Starring legends such as Cuauhtémoc Blanco, Carlos Reinoso, Daniel Brailovsky, Zague, Iván Zamorano, among others,” Netflix said in a statement.

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