Cristy Solís, wife of Marco Antonio Solís, stuns with her beauty from New York

Cristy Solís the former Cuban model is well known for being the wife of the Mexican singer Marco Antonio Solis and for being his inseparable traveling companion, he also enjoys great fame in Instagram where she usually shows off her beauty. In addition, she is the one who keeps the singer’s agenda, she knows all the artist’s movements, arranges his press conferences, his concerts and also takes all the things from her home.

Christy Solis It has become a fundamental piece in the life of Marco Antonio Solís, both know each other very well since they have been together for 28 years as a married couple. Over time, Cristian Salas, that is his real name, has shown a great capacity for business and his ability to manage contracts; so in your account Instagram It is not strange to see her promoting different products or her own sportswear line.

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