Cristian Tirone is “repentant and ashamed” for attacking a referee

Cristian Tirone, a soccer player who assaulted a referee, remains in detention and declared that he is “repentant and ashamed.”

Christian Tyronethe 34-year-old soccer player from the third division in Argentina who brutally assaulted a referee, continues to be detained, from jail He stated that he is “repentant and ashamed”.

Cristian Tirone, defender of Deportivo Garmense, attacked the referee Dalma Magali Cortadi, 30, from behind during the match of the Tres Arroyos Professional League, for which the player was suspended for life and dismissed from the team, he also faces legal consequences.

The aggressor refused to testify about the acts of violence but apologized and said he was “ashamed and sorry” for what happened.

The referee filed a criminal complaint against the aggressor for which Cristian Tirone has been detained since last Sunday and faces triple aggravated bodily injury charges, for treachery, for the victim’s condition as a woman and for having been committed during a sports event.

Cristian Tirone faces a possible sentence of up to three years in prison, that from the prosecution it was announced that it is what will be requested during the legal process.

For its part, the Argentine Soccer Association (AFA) expressed its strong “repudiation” through a statement, and declared that together with the Federal Council they will accompany the judge throughout the process. The case was transferred “to the Disciplinary Court to apply the corresponding sanction”, and the Department of Equity and Gender, led by Paula Ojeda, “is in constant dialogue with the victim and fully available“.

the referee will have to remain 15 days off and a tomography will be performed to determine the degree of the head injuries. “When I got to the locker room I was dizzy and vomiting. After the care I received at the hospital, I was able to file a criminal complaint, because this is going to go beyond an assault in soccer,” said Dalma Magali Cortadi.

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