Chicharito Hernández and the attitudes that do not compare him with the great idols

Chihcarito Hernandez has become one of the most criticized players of the moment for his attitudes towards his fans (Photo by: Patrick T. FALLON / AFP) (Photo by: PATRICK T. FALLON/AFP via Getty Images)

Chihcarito Hernandez has become one of the most criticized players of the moment for his attitudes towards his fans (Photo by: Patrick T. FALLON / AFP) (Photo by: PATRICK T. FALLON/AFP via Getty Images)

The spotlights have been directed towards Javier “Chicharito” Hernández, and this time it was not because a new chapter of the novel that he has built together with Gerardo Martino and the Mexican National Team emerged, nor because he once again stood out in his scoring accounts. On this occasion, the tricolor’s top scorer has been involved in a couple of controversies that have taken a stir on social networks and fill a large part of his own fans with disappointment.

The first controversy arose in the early hours of last Tuesday. Through a video on social networks you can see how the Mexican gunner gets rid of a fan child who approaches him to ask for a photograph. The Mexican soccer player flatly refused and continued on his way, but just a few steps later, a crowd of fans gathered in front of him to get some souvenir. Nevertheless, Chicharito he kept his stance. The images were captured after the LA Galaxy’s defeat at the hands of FC Dallas. The curious thing about the moment is that the fans who were waiting for Hernández were fans of the Dallas team, but Javier Hernández’s superstar image is unique to the Latino public.

The second act that put Hernández back into the controversy was another video in which the Chivas youth squad is seen handing out autographs after a match. However, one of the fans offers him a Mexican flag as a canvas so that he can stamp his signature there, but the Galaxy striker took the flag and threw it to the ground with disinterest.

Both episodes divided the fans and the experts. Some pointed out that his decision was correct due to protocols, but most of the comments pointed out that the player’s actions were an act of arrogance. Journalist Jose Ramon Fernandezone of the most respected people in the sports world in Mexico, spoke about it through his Twitter account: “Those attitudes are what will make Chicharito never be a Great. Bad very bad”. José Ramón, referred to the signs of humility that the player could show his fans. David Faitelson also spoke about it on his networks and on the TV show ESPN, Spicy Soccerstated that the LA Galaxy maintains these regulations due to the pandemic.

On many occasions, vanity enlarges the ego of personalities with great scope. Humility respects differences, but more than that, humility knows how to listen, generates empathy and produces trust in a mass audience. That, long ago, brought to Chicharito to become the emblem of Mexican fans: the humble Mexican player who stood out in Europe. Around the world and throughout history there are elite players who have also shown that the only thing they cannot do in front of their fans is having a bad attitude. People say that Chicharito He rejected the photographs with his fans due to strict sanitary protocols, the same ones that exist throughout the world and that, a couple of days ago, Leo Messi he didn’t care so he could please a minor with a selfie. Wow, even in Mexico, Jorge Campos He is one of the most remembered former soccer players by Mexican fans due to his eccentricities, charisma and treatment with everyone.

Javier Hernández, after both actions were made known, tried to show another version of the events and “defended” himself by retweeting posts where some fans emphasize that the Mexican player is accessible with all those who ask for an autograph.

Attitudes that played against him

For three years, the relationship between Hernández and the Mexican National Team was totally broken by the media confrontation that the player had with the national coach. However, the latter was always firm in his position and set an example with the neglect and indiscipline that Chicharito had with the group.

the apologies between Gerardo Martino and Javier arrived a long time later, when the situation was irremediable. Although many asked for the Tri’s top scorer to return, he was not present to take responsibility for the actions he committed in 2019 and that deprived him of continuing to be part of the calls for the daddy. If Hernández had not presented a negative attitude, he would probably be contemplated for Qatar 2022.


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