Checo Pérez saved Max Verstappen again to win the Hungarian GP

Last weekend during the Hungarian Grand Prix Red Bull driver Max Verstappen remained at the top of the World Championship after being the grand winner of the Hungaroring circuit. The Dutchman started in tenth position, but took advantage of the errors of the Ferrari drivers to be the winner.

With this he added his eighth victory so far in the Formula 1 season, but in his last victory there is also a special recognition for his teammate, the Mexican Sergio Perezwho reaffirmed being a key piece for Max to continue to shine in the “Great Circus” season.

And it is that near lap 41, Verstappen overtook Leclerc to take the lead of the race, although after this, the driver of Red Bull he lost control of his car and spun, a situation that allowed the Ferrari driver to retake the lead.

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But moments later, the Dutchman was able to retake first place again, but for this he needed the help of Czech Perez. When Verstappen suffered the spin, the Mexican pilot slowed his pace and did not pass his teammate, which meant that George Russell could not pass either.

This allowed Verstappen had time and space to recover, although later the man from Guadalajara was overtaken by Russell. Although the action went unnoticed by many, Checo Pérez continues to show that he is key for Max to continue at the top of Formula 1.

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