Cazzu: These are the most DARE tattoos of the famous Argentine rapper who breaks OnlyFans

Cazzu is a famous Argentine singer and rapper who has generated a furor after she was seen next to the Mexican regional music singer Christian Nodal; After that scandal that caused a separation with her previous partner, the appearance of both has generated many reactions from the public and fans of both.

Julieta Emilia Cazzuchelli, better known within the musical guild as Cazzu, is a rap and trap singer who was born on December 16, 1993 in the town of Ledesma, Jujuy, Argentina; She is currently 28 years old and has established herself as one of the most important singers and exponents of urban music in recent times.

Who is Cazu?

From an early age he knew that he wanted to dedicate himself to music, so he decided to start his career singing alongside his father who was an amateur musician; at age 14 she released her first work and paid for her first studio recordings and some clips.

But it was not until 2017 when Cazzu debuted with her first album “Maldades”, which consists of 10 songs with her unique style that has kept her in the spotlight.

It was 2018 when the famous one participated in the song “Loca” by Khea and Duki, becoming one of the most important female figures of the genre in the south of the continent; and in 2019 she presented her second album entitled “Error 93”, which contains the song “seen at 00:00”, which was filmed by Ballve, who is a leading visual artist in this genre.

His most daring tattoos

And not only has his music or his alleged love affair with Christian Nodal made an impact, but his unique style, his daring and fun outfits with grunge touches, but also his love of tattoos have also attracted attention.

One of his most iconic tattoos is that of a spider, which is located under his collarbone, which has been replicated by thousands of his fans who identified themselves with this mark on their skin.

Another of his most striking and daring tattoos is the one on his belly, which consists of an anime face that conveys an expression of uncertainty, fear or amazement at something unexpected.

And finally, one of his most intense tattoos is that of a long gun made with a shading technique, which makes it look more realistic; here is the evidence of those Cazzu tattoos that have attracted attention:

The famous caused a sensation with her “anime” tattoo. IG PHOTO: Cazzu

His spider tattoo has become iconic. IG PHOTO: Cazzu


Cazzu: he is the handsome ex-boyfriend of Christian Nodal’s current partner who breaks her up on YouTube | VIDEO

Video: the romantic dance of Christian Nodal and Cazzu at a Wisin & Yandel concert

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