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In recent months, the controversial television host Alfredo Adame, has given much to talk about due to different events. The controversy around the also actor added a new chapter after enraged by a ‘joke’ what they did to him

What happened to Alfredo Adame?

Through his Instagram account, adame published a video in which he showed a blanket that was hung in front of his house in which they made fun of him and in which they included some of his personal information.

On the huge banner you could see two images of the driver with a karate uniformwhich were used to announce some alleged classes of said martial art, discipline of which the famous one has mentioned that he is a black belt.

“Bicycle kicks, carazo to bottle and displacement with chairs with the Zen Zei martial arts expert Alfredo Adame, do not accept imitations“, You could read on the blanket that generated anger in Adame.

“Sons of your fucking… mother, bastard, they even put the phone”the actor is heard to say quite enraged as he removes the huge canvas that was placed on the access of your home.

Who put the tarpaulin in Alfredo Adame’s house?

Although it was initially unknown who had put the blanket in the house of Alfred Adame, the driver himself published that the person responsible for the joke was King Gruperowho used his social networks to share photos and videos of the huge banner.

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