Ariel 2022: where to see the nominated films available in streaming?

If you want to see the films nominated for Ariel 2022, at Uno TV we tell you which streaming platforms to find them on | Photo: AMACC

The Mexican Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences (AMACC) officially announced the films nominated for the ariel 2022. At Uno TV we tell you where to watch the tapes available in streaming platforms before the ceremony on October 11.

Where to see the most nominated films for Ariel 2022?

The three most nominated films for the 64th installment of the ariel awards are available on streaming platforms. Is about Fire night, a police movie Y Impossible thingsbeing the film directed by Tatiana Huezo the one that obtained the most nominations.

  • Night of Fire – Available on Netflix

Fire night“, creditor film to 19 nominations to the ariel 2022premiered directly on Netflix on November 17, 2021. This tape of Tatiana Huezo was applauded at the Cannes Film Festival.

This film nominated for “Best film” takes place in a town located in the Sierra de México, controlled by a drug cartel, where the mothers of three girls hide them by cutting their hair, and they have a hiding place in their houses so that they are safe from those who steal them. They carry. The echoes of the violence inherent in the place are an inescapable threat.

  • Impossible Things – Available on Amazon Prime

The return of Ernesto Contreras to the movie theaters was rewarded with 10 nominations for the ariel 2022, including in the category of “Best Film”. This story, “Impossible things” was released in traditional theaters on June 17, 2021 and subsequently reached Amazon Prime Video.

This film starring the nominees Benny Emmanuel Y Nora Velasquez tells the story of Matilde, an older woman who, after the death of her husband – a man who constantly abused her – finds her new great friend in Miguel, her young, insecure, disoriented and even dealer neighbor.

  • A Cop Movie – Available on Netflix

Alonso Ruizpalaciosdirector of “Güeros” and “Museo”, has tried his luck on streaming platforms and his documentary and fiction experiment, “a police movie“, came out as a Netflix original production on November 5, 2021 and has now been nominated for the ariel 2022.

Starring Monica del Carmen Y Raul Briones, as well as by two real police officers, this is a daring audiovisual proposal that combines documentary and fictional elements. The film gives voice to one of the most controversial institutions in Mexico: the police, and unravels the causes of the crisis of impunity that affects the justice system.

Other nominees on digital platforms

On Netflix you can also find “The Goddess of Asphalt“, nominated for ariel 2022 in the category of “Best Female Co-acting” for the interpretation of Mabel Cadena, who will also participate in Black Panther 2. She also has three nominations.

In Amazon Prime Video there are three more nominees; that is, the only one nominated for the category of “Best Animated Film”, “A rescue of eggs“, as well as “death to summer” (Best First Feature) and “The Exorcism of Carmen Farias” (Best Makeup and Visual Effects).

  1. A rescue of eggs
  2. death to summer
  3. The exorcism of Carmen Farias

In Filmin is the most recent film by Arturo Ripstein, “The Devil between the Legs“, nominated for multiple categories, as well as “summer white” (Best Acting Newcomer) and “plain flowers” (Best documentary short film). Enjoy these nominees ariel 2022.

  1. The devil between the legs (Filmin)
  2. Summer White (Filminlatino and Cinépolis Klic)
  3. Flowers of the plain (Filminlatino)

In the category of “Best Ibero-American Film” of the ariel 2022 this “the good boss“, starring Javier Bardem and nominated for multiple Goya awards. It is a Spanish film directed by Fernando León de Aranoa.

To Jessica (tilda swinton), a British botanist based in Colombia, is woken up one night by a sound from another world. The protagonist embarks on a journey to the heart of the jungle in search of the origin of this noise that only she seems to hear. This Colombian short film, “Memory“, has shone internationally and will be available from the August 5.

Finally, in Youtube the short film “Secretum” with a duration of 28 minutes and nominated for the category of “Best Animated Short Film”.

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