Anastasia Kvitko about to leave her black blouse open

The beautiful model and celebrity of social networks Anastasia Kvitko, continues to surprise her followers with her flirtatious content on Instagram, where she usually appears showing off her curves, like this black top that he was wearing, without a doubt it was a piece that would leave several speechless.

Surely you will wonder why the 27-year-old has attracted so much attention and is that Anastasia Kvitko by having a couple of huge charms, any garment can look tight and even more so when it comes to a piece that has thin straps.

It was precisely this curiosity that would attract the eyes of his followers, that and that he lacked interiors, which is why it was perfectly appreciated, thanks to the photographs shared by this beautiful Russian celebrity.

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Anastasia’s flirtatious personality reveals to us through her content that she is a woman who loves being fashionable and wearing outfits that highlight everything in her, like that flirty black top.

The piece is part of a two-piece set, obviously made up of the top and a mini skirt, which would surely highlight her shapely legs, what can be seen is that it reaches just below her posterior charms.

The neck of the black top Anastasia Kvitko It is round, from this part to the bottom throughout, it seems to have buttons that are fastened, but thanks to the effect of the design of her blouse, they seem to be tearing from the pressure exerted by her enormous upper curves.

“Good morning”, comments the Russian model in her description, a greeting that surely all her followers or at least the vast majority answered immediately, excited to have at least one type of contact with this beauty.

There were only two flirtatious photos that Kvitko shared on Instagram, one of the customs that he has had since he started his account in said application, pampering his followers with two photos and asking which of the two is his favorite.

In the second image of the beautiful businesswoman and influencer we see her in a position similar to the first, only that in this one she turned a bit towards the beautiful urban landscape offered by the city of Como, Italy, and which is located in the northern part of this beautiful country.

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