AMLO’s morning, August 3, minute by minute

09:27- The conference ends.


09:26- Invites López Obrador to buy pieces for the raffle on September 15 and anticipates that The Northern Tigers They will perform at the national holidays for the Independence of Mexico, in the Zócalo.

09:24- Remember that on September 15 is the Cry of Independence in the Zócalo and will have as guests “relatives of social fighters from around the world”, such as the son of Martin Luther King. points out

09:23- “Money is the mother, and also to speak in terms of diversity; the devil’s mom and dad, the material is not life, not even the so-called rationality of things, ”she reflects.

09:17- “My protective shield is my moral authority, it is my honesty; and my guardian angel is the people, to see what the critics are going to say, so that they have elements”, she expresses. He calls for acting with righteousness, principles, ideals, not lying, not stealing, not betraying: That is what is important, the rest is not life, that does not help; I have always said that people who love more should be advised not to have so much attachment, neither to power nor to money and that we can be happy being well with ourselves, with our conscience and with others and not letting ourselves be take for the material, nothing fantocherias.

09:12- After the statements of Sandra Ávila Beltrán “The Queen of the Pacific”who said that in the six-year term of the former president Felipe Calderon a crime was fabricated and that he had links with the drug trafficker, López Obrador says that “the competent authority has to solve it.”


09:10- López Obrador exhibits those who think of a risk by the T-MEC.

09:08- I thank the people very much; not a single owner, not a single ejidatario, not a single community member against, all giving their consent for the Mayan Train to pass through their land, he says, pointing to Claudio X. Gonzalez to be opposed to the work.

09:05- He accuses that opponents do not like to be called traitors to the country. With the neoliberal policy there was confusion, they alienated many, the public must always be ahead of personal interest, however legitimate it may be, he adds.

09:03- about the expansion of the Suburban train to get to AIFALópez Obrador announces that “support” for the neighbors has already been authorized and an agreement has been reached with 5 mayors from Mexico: “Let them think that it is not a work for profit or for the benefit of a company, it is a public work for the benefit of all”.

08:58- Highlights the creation of a commission to reconcile the people of Oaxaca

08:56- The truth is that we have helped each other with alexander muratWe have not had any problems, he is part of the development in Oaxaca, he is a good governor, he says.

08:54- The health system in Oaxaca is going to be at 100, and in all states, says López Obrador. “It’s going to be a first class health system, that’s my commitment,” he says. He assures that there has not been “a single conflict in Oaxaca or in the country of teachers.”


08:48– The President shows the progress in the delivery of support in Oaxaca.

08:45- We have already delivered in Oaxaca all the support to the victims of the hurricane “Agatha”, he refers.

08:38- President López Obrador highlights the construction of works in Oaxaca. He highlights the roads.

08:34- Oaxaca, like Chiapas and Guerrero, is a state where the majority of households receive support from welfare programs, he says. All Oaxacans are going to have, by right, an amount from the national budget, he adds.

08:29- When questioned about the advances of the homeland vaccineLópez Obrador accuses that before there was corruption in Conacytbut progress will be reported next week in “the new Conacyt.”

08:26- López Obrador admits thefts on platforms Pemex: And the most worrying thing is the risk of equipment theft, which can cause tragedies. He says that there was a risk due to the robbery in the Campeche probe.

08:24- “Revenge is not my forte, otherwise we would have already filed complaints against Calderón, Fox. Zedillo or Salinas,” he says.

08:22- If I had not presented the trial consultation to former presidents, right now the conservatives would already be saying that the people did not ask for it, he says. She points out that her government cannot ask the Attorney General’s Office not to act.


08:19- Remember that he suggested that former presidents of Mexico were going to be investigated, from Salinas, through Zedillo, Fox, Calderon and Peña Nieto, only “if the people asked for it” through consultations.

08:16- Regarding the FGR’s investigation of Peña Nieto for money laundering, illicit enrichment and electoral crimes, López Obrador mentions: “I believe that the Prosecutor’s Office released this information because in the morning we were asked and we said that the Prosecutor’s Office was going to report.” He reads the statement issued by the FGR and says that it is up to the Prosecutor’s Office to call the former president.

08:14- “I have no information,” says López Obrador when questioned about a complaint against Rogelio Jiménez Pons, former director of Fonatur, before the FGR.


08:13- With gestures, López Obrador warns candidates not to be fooled by advertisers, even if they want to give them a makeover or file their fangs.

08:11- Part of the decline of Mexico had to do with the lack of democracy, says the President. The recommendation is not to be fooled by advertisers, he says about the candidates.

08:09- López Obrador talks about polls as a method to choose candidates.

08:05- “I don’t know,” López Obrador replies when asked if Marti Batres It can be considered as a “corchocolata” for the head of the Government of CDMX. Laughing, López Obrador includes Jesus Ramirez Cuevasspokesman for the Presidency, as a “corcholata”.

08:02- Politics is a trade, not everyone can and if you don’t have love and respect for the people, even less, declares when accusing that “before there wasn’t even democracy.”

08:00- “A fool is he who thinks that the people are a fool,” he says, mentioning that politics “is an apostolate” and “love for the people.” Politics has nothing to do with corruption, with ambitions, he mentions.

07:56– “There is no longer a finger in Morena, the people rule,” López Obrador repeats before the election of candidates: “Of course, they are better than those that the conservative bloc can postulate.”

07:53- When asked if Brunette runs the risk of “running out of control”, after the internal elections, López Obrador replies: “Of recent times, if you tell me what has changed, I would tell you about the change of mentality in our town (…) One thing is the leaders, the so-called political class and something else are the citizens, the people”.

07:51- Sedena is surely helping to report on the missing members of the EPR, but if this is not the case, we intervene, says the President.


07:46- “There are two years to go until the 2024 election and they are already talking about fraud. How many things can happen, we don’t know what fate has in store for us!” he says. He mentions the journalist Raymundo RivaPalacio and accuses The Washington Post of acting unethically and defending looters of our people: Where is the free press that distinguished the US since its foundation as a nation? He talks about the Porfiriato.

07:44– Accuses that conservative governments have suffered in Mexico and the world: The oligarchy called businessmen, because strictly speaking they are not businessmen, they are influencers. He accuses that the intellectuals are pimps, in addition to pointing to the media.

07:43- López Obrador sends a message to the journalist Reyna Haydee Ramírez: You can come as many times as you want in the morning, there is no problem, we are not the same, our government does not repress.

07:41– Nobody has persecuted the journalist Reyna Haydee Ramírez, we are respectful of freedom of expression; leaving in the morning, I already knew that she was processing to go to Spain, I think she already had her tickets, she expresses.

07:38- On an upcoming ruling in the Court on members of the EPR disappeared in the six-year term of Calderón, López Obrador asks to wait for the resolution “and comply with what the Court orders and we are in a position of complete transparency.” He reaffirms that the instruction is that officials do not become accomplices of crimes.

07:37- López Obrador instructs that the archives of the Secretary of the Navy be opened “from now on” to have more information on the Dirty War.

07:34- Regarding the possible opening of Marina’s archives to have more information about the War dirtyLópez Obrador highlights the creation of the Truth Commission and “there would be no problem doing it in the Secretary of the Navy.”

07:33- The director of the INAH highlights advances in the prospecting of areas and approvals so that the work can continue its course.

07:29- Prieto says that the area of Xcabal it is not open to the public “so that a person can get to know the area”, after President López Obrador was asked if he knew the place. We are going to continue investigating the area, which is close to sections 6 and 7 of the Mayan Train, he specifies.

07:23- Diego Prietodirector of INAHpresents a video of the investigation and rescue linked to the Mayan Train.

07:20- We deny that the journalist is being persecuted or censored Reyna Haydee Ramirezwho is in Barcelona, ​​says García Vilchis before López Obrador, after the reporter rebuked the President in the morning.

07:20- García Vilchis exhibits “Mr” Raymundo RivaPalacio in “the column of the week”

07:19- Everything done by Sedatu is in accordance with the law, says García Vilchis for information on land for the construction of the AIFA.

07:15- Franciscan poverty is savings for the benefit of the people, it is not like the neoliberal era, says García Vilchis, accusing a campaign to criticize the measures announced by López Obrador.


07:13- The reader of “the lies of the week” denounces that there are false profiles of officials and López Obrador on networks, with the intention of extorting money, spreading false information and impersonating identities to spread messages of hate. The Mexican government does not do raffles, she clarifies.

07:13- There will be no rupture due to the T-MEC, García Vilchis quotes the President.

07:11- Elizabeth Garcia Vilchisa reader of the “who’s who in the lies of the week” section, says that the difference in USMCA “It has caused an avalanche” in the media and rejects that the treaty is violated: “The President’s position is to defend the dignity of Mexico and national sovereignty.” mention the journalist Raymundo Riva Palacio.

07:08- President’s conference begins Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. Announces the presentation of a video on the recovery of the Mayan sites, near where the mayan trainso that the beauty of the southeast is known: “It is a unique region in the world.”

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