Alleged ex-employee of the Sonora Grill tells her experience

After a user of social networks denounced that, in the restaurant chain, Sonora Grill Prime Masarykthey divide clients depending on their physical appearance and skin color, and this will deny the acts of discrimination in its branches, an alleged former employee affirmed that there is racism on the spot, without disclosing the branch where he worked.

Via TikTok the user: @sof.otero recounted the experience she had as a restaurant employee.

“I worked as a hostess, which is the person who takes you to your table. And from day one they explained to me that the tables on the balcony were reserved for people “with the best presentation”, because they are the tables that can be seen from the street”, revealed the young woman.

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Faced with this situation, he narrated that one day they caught his attention, despite the fact that he had followed the orders to the letter. “I sat there (on the balcony) to the people who came best dressedmore formal, until one day they caught my attention… I sat down a couple who came formal, well dressed, and they asked me if they could have a good view on the balcony and then the manager told me that I shouldn’t do that, because they didn’t meet ‘the standards’ and then he pointed to a couple and told me: ‘Look, they, for example, do meet them'”.

“And what is the difference between the couple that I sat on the balcony and the couple that the manager told me did meet the standards?” Well, the ones I sat down with were dark-haired, and the one the manager told me did meet the standards, which were actually more informal, were white,” he added.

Finally, the tiktoker regretted that what she experienced there was not an isolated case, but the way in which said chain operates. “With these complaints that came to light, it is worrying to think that what I experienced was not an isolated case, but the way in which various branches operate,” she concluded.

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@sof.otero Don’t try to sue me, I don’t have a fifth#cdmx #mexico #feminista #sonoragrill #fyp original sound – Sof Otero

So far, the user’s publication has more than 2 million views and almost 264 thousand “likes”.

Racism file opened at Polanco’s Sonora Grill Prime

Given the viral complaint, the Council to Prevent and Eliminate Discrimination in Mexico City, Copred, reported that it had opened a file for “racist behavior.”

In a card, he informed that he seeks the non-repetition of the case and that the matter may end in a public apology, as well as in an awareness course.

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Copred also says that “according to the survey on discrimination in Mexico City, the perception of the people surveyed places skin color as the first cause of discrimination, for this reason, the Council considers its intervention imperative to eradicate all practices racist in this city.

Copred asks the mayor to inspect the Sonora Grill

Through an interview on the evening news program N+ Media, the president of Copred, Geraldina González De la Vega, recalled that the institution does not have the power to sanction, since its objective is to guide the restaurant staff on the implementation of non-discriminatory measures that guarantee non-repetition.

“The Copred procedure has another objective, which is precisely to generate a space for exchange with these establishments to guide them in establishing non-repetition measures.”

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However, the president of the Council informed that from Copred a letter was sent to the Miguel Hidalgo mayor’s office so that it applies an inspection procedure to the denounced restaurant and, where appropriate, can sanction it with fines.

They deny acts of discrimination

The Sonora Grill restaurant chain denied acts of discrimination in its branches, after a complaint that has gone viral on social networks about an alleged practice of this type in its Masaryk branch.

“Sonora Grill Group strongly denies any racist or discriminatory practice. Over 18 years we have developed as a group in which respect, inclusion, service and love for our country prevail as fundamental pillars,” said the signature on a statement.

With information from Ariana Paredes

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