Alfredo Adame makes fun of his ex-girlfriend Magaly Chávez and she puts him in his place

  • Alfredo Adame and Magaly Chávez began their relationship last March, but ended their romance in May, while participating in the reality show ‘I’m famous, get me out of here!’
  • The actor used his social networks to joke and make fun of his ex-girlfriend.
  • Magaly sent a strong message to her ex-partner, whom she asked to finally get over it.
Alfredo Adame He does not leave the eye of the hurricane due to his multiple controversies and this time one more was added, which he starred in with his ex-girlfriend, the influencer Magaly Chavezwho wanted to play a prank on social networks, but she did not take it well and put him in his place.

Recently, the actor shared on his account Instagram a photo wearing filtersin which he referred to his ex girlfriendwith whom he began an affair last March, but ended only a few months later, as they decided to break up in May, while both participated in the reality show ‘I’m famous, get me out of here!’produced by Aztec TV.

“Yupi! I already have filters like @magaly_chavezoficial,” Alfredo Adame wrote next to the photo of his face, somewhat retouched.

Being tagged in this publication, Magaly Chávez did not remain silent, because apparently she did not find her ex-boyfriend’s comment funny.

Magaly Chávez replied to Alfredo Adame that I already got over it.

“Get over me, sir! Or don’t you have anything else to talk about? Any fight out there? No? Come on, put on another show, you see I hang on to your fame, ha ha ha”, wrote the former participant of ‘falling in love’.

For their part, the followers of Alfredo Adame commented that he does not need filters, since without them he looks good; many fans told him that he looks “gorgeous” and that he is a “hot guy”.

Magaly Chávez made herself known on the program 'Enamoranos'.

Recently, Alfredo was also the victim of a prank by the influencers King Grupero Y flabby marquezwho claimed to have placed a blanket outside Adame’s house where the actor’s services were offered as an instructor of Martial Artswhich also annoyed the driver.

Alfredo Adame goes from one controversy to another.

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