Will HBO Max disappear to become Discovery +? This is what we know from the rumors

These days Warner Bros Discovery has released sad news for the company’s followers with the cancellation of batgirl Y Scooby Doo. Now it is rumored that hbo maxthe streaming platform, could Stop living.

Although it may seem that none of this is linked, there is a strong connection between these news, since everything is due to a change of direction that the president of Warner Bros Discovery, David Zaslav, wants to do.

What changes do you want to make?

Within the strategy they want to implement, is the objective of minimize lossesas well as save millions of dollars and pay off the company’s outstanding debts.

But in addition to the financial part, the restructuring of David Zaslav contemplates a change regarding the importance that the streaming platform had gained hbo maxwith the simultaneous and exclusive premieres of the films.

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Since now they want the tapes to arrive first at the large screengain relevance and are later broadcast in streaming, giving back great weight to premieres in cinemas.

Returning to the cases of batgirl Y Scooby Doo, both were planned to premiere directly on HBO Max, so they do not have the budget suitable to compete in cinemas, so, instead of increasing it, they decided not to release them. Well, they will not spend on promotion costs or taxes.

Will HBO Max disappear?

In this way, it began to be rumored that after Warner Bros Discovery delivered its quarterly earnings report this Thursday, they will announce that HBO Max will disappear to become Discovery+.

Well, some sources suggest that David Zaslav wants to focus on making content unscripted for streaming as reality shows and not in large productions to premiere on platforms as happened with Batgirl.

For her part, the well-known YouTube journalist, Grace Randolph, shared on her Twitter account that HBO Max will not cease to exist completely, as it will continue to be part of Discovery+ as a project. secondary.

Thus, within the platform, there could be a tab with HBO content, as is the case with Star + on Disney Plus. Also, they may continue to offer productions quality.

Despite this, it remains unknown what the future of DC Comics will be in streaming after the cancellation of Batgirl, since this studio was looking to connect its film productions with those of streaming.

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