Why will Dani Alves play as a midfielder in Pumas? Lillini’s planHalftime

In two days of madness for the Cougarswith the arrival of the Brazilian Dani Alves, the fans were left with a good taste for the footballer’s performance.

the world cup has been the ownerin a night game and another at noon -both in CU- and against the forecasts has played the 180 minutesbut as a midfielder.

Midfield is a position that, at first reading, was disconcerting, since his best performance -and successes- was always starting as Right side; however, jersey 33 will permanently occupy that position, in a tactical change that pleases the coach Andres Lillini.


The position of Daniel Alvesbefore reaching Mexico, was a dynamic and explosive side defense, back and forth and fireproof physical display. Tireless!

In that position he had served for almost (almost!) his entire career. In Braziljournalists who have followed his career, explained to halftime that the determining factor of the tactical change is his age: 39 years completed in May.

That is why, in order to take advantage of it in the best way, it was Lillini will place him as a midfielder and thus the Brazilian could meet the physical demand, especially in the official schedule of the Cougars in the Olympic Stadium of CU.

This is how Dani Alves has played with Pumas

“Now that you have 39 years I don’t think it’s a wish to stay as a defender, because his head is where he can play a little more, play better, don’t get so tired, because as a winger he must have the physical part in better shape. As a defender I would have to go forward and come back to score”, said Fabio Lima of UOL Brasil.

“There are some experienced players, like Filipe Luis in flamingofor example, who played in the Atletico Madridand he has these difficulties, because age does not help much more”, added Fabio to halftime.

In matches against FC Mazatlan Y Rayados del Monterrey -Sunday at noon in CU-, Daniel Alves He has played as inside on the right, as a midfielder on the right and as a fixed containment and in both he has fulfilled with successful passes; even the MX League highlighted him as the best player in the duel with the Cañoneros, in which he attended Nicholas Freire for 1-1.

Reasons for Andrés Lillini

The technician Andres Lillini explained after the game against FC Mazatlan the positions that the Brazilian can play and announced that he liked the performance of the midfield, with Daniel Alves next to Higor Meritao and Leonel López.

“What about Daniel Alves, versatility is because we started a 4-3-3; when he integrates he feels comfortable. we knew that it was a night of little game with wings and, rather, creating play with the ball against a team that came to counterattack”.

The brushes of Alves in that game, his good administration of effort and his mastery of tactics, thanks to his long career, left no doubt that Lillini I had very thought about where I would place the Brazilian from then on, multi-champion with the FC Barcelona.

“I chose to put that triangle with Merit, Leo Lopez and him to have a good footing and progress in the attack; I think it worked pretty well. According to the adaptation of the match, as I do with Gustavo Del Prete behind center front or with Edward Salvio on the right or on the left, to these situations the player can adapt to different situations on the court. I’m going to keep doing it.”

Radiography of that debut

Let’s remember: Daniel Alves replied to the requirement of the MX League in his first game, playing the 90 minutes, and although he was noticeably tired in the last 15 minutes, his physical condition still made him the permanent contender, after the substitution of Higor Meritao.

On that occasion, according to the statistics of the MX Leagueonly in his first game Daniel Alves he managed 46 successful passes with an 83 percent effectiveness. Of World class! All while he was cheered on every play. and the duel against scratched confirmed that where Andres Lillini place it, it will comply… as long as it is not on the side, where its 39 years would be exposed.

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