What are the supermarkets that offer the cheapest basic basket? This says the Profeco – El Financiero

La Comer and Soriana are the most ‘expensive’ supermarkets.

Ricardo Sheffield Padilla, head of the prophetannounced this Tuesday what are the supermarkets that offer the products of the basic basket at more affordable prices.

During the report of the Package against Inflation and Famine (PACIC) in the morning conference, the official pointed out that since december 2021 have been monitoring prices in supply centers Y malls.

“The most expensive in the whole country is HEBfollows The eating. With this we can guide ourselves where it is convenient for us to go shopping, who are allies of the consumers”, said Sheffield.

According to Profeco, these are the supermarkets that most cheap They offer the basic basket.

  • SUPPLY CENTRAL: One thousand 54 pesos and 22 cents.
  • LAW: One thousand 173 pesos with 31 cents.
  • AURRERA WINERY: One thousand 177 pesos with 5 cents.
  • CHEDAUI: One thousand 184 pesos with 57 cents.
  • WALMART: One thousand 232 pesos with 69 cents.
  • SORIANA: One thousand 254 pesos with 47 cents.
  • THE EATING: One thousand 288 pesos with 47 cents.
  • HER: One thousand 310 pesos with 14 cents.

These amounts are calculated up to fourth week of july.

“Those who tie like consumer allies are Aurrera Winery and Ley. They are the two supermarket brands that are allied with consumers and, of course, also the supply centers”, stated the attorney.

What have been the benefits of PACIC?

During the report of PACICthe Secretary of Finance and Public Credit, Rogelio Ramírez de la O assured that without this package, the inflation would have been 2.6 percentage points higher to today’s, which is 8.16 percent.

Almost 3 months after its implementation, the PACIC has represented a cost of 574 thousand 624 million pesos for the goverment.

Government contributions are divided into the areas of food security, domestic electricity subsidy, gasoline subsidy and freezing of highway fees.

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