Warner cancels Batgirl for being “an absolute disaster”

The Batgirl movie would have been canceled by Warner Bros. Pictures. The reason? Being a real nonsense, according to The New York Post.

The New York Post has exclusively reported that Warner Bros. Pictures has canceled the movie batgirl. Despite having invested 70 million dollars, the film of the DC Extended Universe for hbo max it will not be released.

According to reports, a very important source within the Hollywood industry revealed to The New York Post that the film of batgirl has been canceled by Warner Bros. Pictures. That means that we will not see it on HBO Max or in theaters.

The New York Post report indicates that reactions to the spin-off of Batman they were so bad that Warner Bros. Pictures decided to drop the film. Affirm that batgirl it is “an absolute disaster”. That is the reason why it would have been cancelled.

More related information and denials

The Wrap has also endorsed this report. He has indicated that Warner Bros. Pictures is focused on big-screen blockbusters. That is, they want to focus exclusively on blockbusters. The studio does not see batgirl that type of product. The report noted that the studio wants to work with Leslie Grace, the leading actress. And also with the directors, Adil El Arbi Y Bilall Falah. However, the product is lacking in ambition and the studio wants something more.

However, insider Big Screen Leaks has responded to the initial report by questioning the cancellation of batgirl by Warner. That Hashtag Show also reacted saying that the information smelled bad. Other prestigious newspapers such as The Hollywood Reporter or Fandom also consider that The New York Post and The Wrap have fabricated the information. Be that as it may, we will have to keep waiting. Ideally, the studio would release an official statement denying the information.

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