Valdir Segato, bodybuilder who injected synthol, dies

Valdir Segato, known as the “Brazilian Hulk”, died as a result of the strong doses of synthol he injected himself with.

the bodybuilder Valdir Segato, known as the “Brazilian Hulk” for his large biceps and pecs, has died as a result of the heavy doses of synthol he injected into his muscles to increase their size.

Valdir Segato died the day he turned 55 due to a cardiac arrest that was a consequence of the excess of synthol that was in his body and was injected for six years, Brazilian media reported.

The “Brazilian Hulk” died in Ribeirao Preto in Sao Paulo, reports indicate that he began to feel bad and had trouble breathing, although was rushed to the hospital Little could be done to save his life.

In interviews with various media, Valdir Segato said that his dream was to look like his idol Arnold Schwarzenegger so he began to inject himself with synthol, despite the medical recommendations of the consequences that this substance could bring to the body.

What is Syntol, a substance that was injected into the “Brazilian Hulk”?

The Synthol, or also called Syntherol, It is a mixture of oil (85%, medium chain triglycerides, or MCTs), lidocaine (7.5%, local anesthetic), and benzyl alcohol (7.5%) that is injected directly into the muscle.

The substance works like an implant, causing an increase in muscle volume immediately.

The risks of injecting Syntol are muscle fibrosis (muscle degeneration that causes replacement of muscle tissue by scar tissue) or the formation of an oleoma, which is tumor encapsulation of oil with muscle deformity and potential irreversible damage.

The substance potentiates the chances of developing infections and abscesses at the injection site which can trigger surgery or even amputation of the affected limb.

Syntol can also cause problems from strokes in the lungs or brain or I could even get to cause death as happened to the so-called “Brazilian Hulk”.

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