Turns the toilet bowl into a fully functional PC

Image: Basically Homeless / Kotaku

A youtuber has decided to build a PC inside the toilet of his house, turning it into the first toilet in the world that is capable of open the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and handle droppings at the same time. what a world this!

the youtuber Basically Homeless decided to create a gaming PC inside a real toilet, with your water, your pipes and everything. It is something very crazy, although it is not entirely surprising to us. After all, since the first portable consoles many have tried to enjoy video games sitting down since the toilet bowl. And with the proliferation of smartphones and consoles like the Switch, I would dare to say that it is a very widespread practice.

But Basically Homeless did not want to limit simply to grab a Switch or a steam deck and go to the room of bath. It What I wanted was to create a PC that would allow him to play at full speed, with shooters capable of reaching 120 fps and to which I could connect a mouse and a keyboard while sitting on the throne. Now you just have to go and enjoy the whole spectacular process of creating your machine.

The operation of the invention it is relatively simple. Half of the tank contains all the parts of the toilet and Water. Later built a “wall” with plexiglass and glue, andOn the other side of that wall, he placed all computer parts The idea was to keep both separated, allowing you to empty the toilet while playing. Plus, there’s a built-in fan right in the lid to help keep cool the pc.

probably not you surprised to know that the first time you connected the toilet to the water supply his “wallfailed and the invention was Point of end in tragedy. However, he finally got his weird creation working properly, RGB lighting and all.

As explained by the youtuberhe had no choice but to learn something from basic plumbing and also learn a cut porcelain to create your weird PC. But it must be recognized thathe end result is, at bestspectacular.

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