Transport blockades begin in Edomex; these are the closed routes

carriers of at least 16 routes from the east of the State of Mexico They began closing various arteries in the municipalities of Chimalhuacán, Chalco, Nezahualcóyotl and Texcoco to protest the increase in insecurity and extortion.

Various public transport routes in the State of Mexico began with mobilizations this Wednesday on the main highways and roads of the Valley of Mexico to report suspected abuse by the State Ministry of Mobility.

Minutes before 11:00 am, the contingent aboard trucks and vans that provide public passenger service were distributed and the closures began.

The non-conformists offered a press conference in the municipality of Nezahualcóyotl where they reported that the closures will be partial to circulation in roads such as Mexico-Puebla, Mexico-Pachuca, Mexico-Queretaro, Mexico-Texcoco, as well as of Mexican Outdoor Circuitamong other.

On the Mexico-Texcoco highway, at the height of Piedras Negras on the limits of the Chimalhuacán and Chicoloapan municipalities, members of Route 39 and Los Reyes-Chimalhuacán buses parked in two of the three lanes heading to the City of Mexico.

So far 30 private units and a passenger bus have gathered on the Mexico-Pachuca highway at the height of the security guard in the municipality of Tlalnepantla.

This group belonging to the National Union of Operators and Carriers of the Federal Public Service has met at this point -in both directions of the highway- with the aim of express their disagreement with the road operations that are applied not only in the municipalities of Mexiquense, but also in Mexico City.


The group of carriers reports that for a long time they have denounced the operations, the fines, the excessive charges and the availability of the pens with charges above the regulatory amount up to 70 percent.

At first, the freight transport operators had announced a road blockade towards the whereabouts of the Indios Verdes Metro, however, after engaging in dialogue with Mobility authorities and the State Police, the blockade was deactivated only towards Mexico Citynevertheless, Roads were affected in four of the seven lanes due to the presence of demonstrators and vehicles.

With regard to the road direction towards Ecatepec remained closed in three of the five lanes with the support of a passenger transport truck, so roads were slightly affected.

  • Traffic is expected to be partially affected throughout the day on roads such as the Mexico-Texcoco federal highway, Bordo de Xochiaca, Mexico-Puebla highway, Mexico-Querétaro and Mexico-Pachuca

That they ask for?

The mobilizations are for demand a stop to alleged assaults, extortions, kidnappings, and murders of passengers and drivers who have suffered so far this year.

They indicated that despite the security operations, violent acts against the sector have increased, in addition to the overcharging in corralones individuals who operate in the entity and whose costs per unit exceed 50 thousand pesos by event.

Given this, they asked the authorities to reinforcement of the legislation to regulate the grulleros and corralones to whom accused of not respecting the rates established in the government gazette and allegedly colluding with mobility officials.

Gabriel González, representative of Autobuses Los Reyes-Chimalhuacán, explained that the blockades respond to the increase in insecurity and abuses by cranes and corralones.

The dissenters explained that if they do not have an answer in the next few minutes they will block all the roads in both directions in order to put pressure on the authorities.

We are tired of excessive charges, of abuses and that the authorities do nothing, this is a taste of what we are going to do if they do not pay attention to us”, he assured.


They demand dismissal of the mayor of Chimalhuacán

In addition to their demands, they called for the dismissal of the mayor of Chimalhuacan, Xochitl Floreswhom related to an alleged corralón that operates clandestinely as a private property in the locality.

Apparently the alleged clandestine corralón named GMDlocated on avenida corregidora and corner La Barranca had already been closed, however, continue to operate.

“One of our union members was transferred to that corralón by the Chimalhuacán police, and right now he they are charging 65 thousand pesoshe cannot bring them together and he is without unity and without work”, he explained.


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