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The Enigmatic Intercultural Traditional Medicine Center has been operating in the municipality of Acaxochitlán for six years, where alternative medicinal concepts are worked, in which they give attention not only to the region but also to other states and countries.

This space is the only one of its kind in the municipality and treats diseases of both the physical order, those that are detectable or scientifically and clinically determined, as well as mystical diseases that have no logic or physics, explained the presenter of the association and a traditional general practitioner for 25 years, Juan Vargas Martinez.

On this site, he highlighted that they conserve domesticated and wild animals, such as terrestrial and aquatic animals that are used for natural therapies and treatments such as the axolotl and the bullfrog.

Likewise, endemic plants such as those that have been brought from other countries, some in danger of extinction due to deforestation and climatic changes.

“In this medical center, it tends to act as a sanctuary to preserve these medicinal concepts,” he said.

This center has an area for therapeutic massages such as post-traumatic stress, multiple sclerosis, anti-stress, facial problems, adjusting the skeletal structure and temazcal.

The person in charge of this place, Juan Vargas, from a very young age grew up with this trade and knowledge that was inherited from his ancestors, but over the years he has been trained in institutions such as the Universidad Autónoma Chapingo and the UAEH, specializing in on issues of medicinal plants, mushrooms that have healing properties.

In addition, it works in a linked way with the public health sector, carrying out intercultural health sessions where allopathic and traditional medicine are offered. Also, he is currently registered with the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS).

In this center 14 people work among ritualists, spiritists, herbalists, masseurs, specialists in temazcal.

Vargas Martínez stressed that he seeks to preserve natural alternatives and medicinal plants, but above all to spread the work of a traditional doctor, so that people know and thereby eradicate charlatanism.

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