Traders and carriers announce blockades of highways and avenues of Edomex this Wednesday

Ecatepec, Mex.- For alleged state police extortionexcessive charges in “corralones”, in the tow truck service and alleged acts of corruption by agents of the Public Ministry, carriers, merchants and members of social organizations announced that tomorrow, Wednesday they will block roads of the Valley of Mexico to demand that the government of the State of Mexico stop these illegal activities.

The freeways México-Querétaro, México Pachuca, México-Piramides, México-Puebla, as well as the federal highways México-Cuautla, México-Texcoco, Los Reyes-Texcoco, at the height of the Santa Martha Metro, will be the roads that will block from the 11:00 a.m. and they will only leave two lanes free for the passage of vehicles.

In addition, they will be in the main avenues of Ecatepec, Naucalpan, Los Reyes La Paz, Chimalhuacán, Nezahualcóyotl, Valle de Chalco Chalco and Ixtapaluca.

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“This is for the tired of society of the State of Mexico, due to the corruption that prevails in the cranes and concessioned corralones that assault the citizens.”

“From the Ministry of Mobility, its inspectors take public transport units for any reason to ask them for 10 to 20 thousand pesos, and if it is one of those who have rent, they only have to pay 5 thousand pesos and now they already work with groups criminals who give them protection for those who do not want to pay are intimidated, a thousand complaints against corralones and not one corralón closed”.

The State Transit Police only serves to extort money from citizens, but the thugs pass by and even greet each other, they can go around without license plates and all polarized, but if they see a flea market or merchant they stop them and put them in the corralón, “they are some of the complaints of the dissatisfied.

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They also attacked the agents of the Public ministry because they stopped being defenders for the citizens. “If you give money they attend to you, their experts are sold to the highest bidder, whoever reaches the price gives the opinion in their favor,” they accused.

“Some municipal presidents were corrupted by this mafia, an example of Zumpango and Chimalhuacán.”

“Robberies, assaults, kidnappings, murders and extortions are the daily bread and the authorities only serve to extort, as justice we are tired of so much insecurity and extortion from both criminal groups and state authorities”, they exposed.

According to the organizers, they would protest at those points for an hour and if they were not attended to they would march towards Toluca where they would start a indefinite seedling.

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