TikTok moderators earn this for seeing “the worst of the social network”

  • Currently it is estimated that just over 60 percent of the population is immersed in the network.

  • Currently, the social network of Chinese origin TikTokhas surpassed the barrier of one billion active users.

  • Every minute of the day on the Internet, just over 79 billion UK of information, between messages, images and many videos and more.

Within the current social context, social networks have positioned themselves as one of the main trends, within the new digital normality, so much so that it is within them that Internet users spend a greater number of active hours, because through These users can work, study, trade and get all kinds of entertainment; For this reason, the number of jobs related to social networks have increased radically, not only as content creators and technology development, but also within the care of content that can be managed within the home or casual network, such is the case of moderators TikTok, who have to see all the worst that exists within the Chinese social network.

Within the current digital life, it is estimated that there are just over 4 thousand 950 million users, according to what was indicated by We are Social in your report “DIGITAL REPORT 2022”, a figure that represents just over 60 percent of the world’s population; It should be noted that just over 90 percent of people who use the Internet are young people between 12 and 17 years old, while 87.1 percent are users between 25 and 34 years old and only 37 percent of consumption is occupied by people older than 55 years.

Figure that reveals the growing number of minors who are active within the platforms, and who may become susceptible due to the information that is shared daily, for this reason the work of the moderators seeks to prevent certain content from being disseminated within from the home network. Being the Chinese social network, TikTokay one of the favorites for the youngest Internet users, since the platform currently has a user base of more than one billioncompared to 700 million monthly active users.

TikTok moderators earn this for seeing “the worst of the social network”

During 2021 it was estimated that just over 79 billion GB of information per minute worldwide, this by messages, images, videos and everything that is shared within the network, a figure that represents an increase of at least 23 percent, compared to the previous year, a figure that reveals the importance of having people who filter what is shared on a daily basis, such is the case of the moderators of TikTok, who is in charge of observing and filtering all the worst that the social network has to show.

According to what has been pointed out, the function of a moderator is to make visible all content that is generated within the social network, with the intention of corroborating the reports and complaints, in order to prevent certain content that could harm the community spread, therefore this type of work can be considered one of the worst, since according to Business Insider, the moderators of tiktok, they receive approximately 3 euros per hour, this for their workers based in Africa, who continually face extremely graphic content, violence, suicides, pornography and other unpleasant situations.

Also, it has been pointed out that under testimony from at least nine current and former moderators who worked on Majorel a subcontractor based in Moroccothese workers report having suffered “serious psychological disorders” while doing their job, since the graphic material to which they are exposed can be highly disturbing, In addition to noting that TikTok neither Majorel tried hard enough to mitigate the effects of constantly viewing that type of content, so while imposing a grueling work environment with nearly unattainable performance targets.

Content related to suicides, child abuse, animal abuse and movie images snuff These were some of the contents that the staff, who are paid less than 3 euros per hour, had to supervise for the platform, pointing out that they suffered from “serious psychological discomfort” during their working hours; it has also been pointed out that the platform has taken advantage of Moroccan labor legislation to pay low wages, provide fewer breaks than their American counterparts, and offer no counseling for coping with viewing the traumatic images.

However, in other European countries or within the American continent, and according to what is indicated by job offer sites, a Facebook moderator is earning between €1,500 and €2,000 per month. On the other hand, a moderator who works for TikTok would be making a profit of between 1,700 and 2,100 euros per month, in addition to recurring psychological support, shorter work days and a day off, among other benefits.

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