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“I am going to go to space and I am going to be in NASA”, were the words that he decreed, from the age of 7, Katya Echazarretawho became a couple of weeks ago in the first woman born in Mexico to go to space.

In an event organized by the Government of Mexico City to recognize the electrical engineer, Echazarreta confessed that before achieving her dream of traveling to space, she went through different obstacles, How to immigrate to the United States at a young age and not having the resources to study for a career.

“As a child, my family took me to the United States, it was difficult because I didn’t speak English, I didn’t understand anything in the classroom and I sat there for five hours.

“Of course it’s been difficult for me, I didn’t have money to go to college,” he said.

Even, the young woman, 27 years old, She added that when she won a scholarship to study at the higher level, the teachers did not believe in her potential and she was discriminated against for wanting to study a career for ‘men’.

“My teachers at the university told me that these careers were not for women, they told me that I was wasting the place of a man who did deserve it“, said.

But these words did not manage to “stop” the objective of the young astronaut, who assured that the most important thing is to believe in yourself: “The first thing you need is to believe in yourself so sincerely and that is how you will be able to achieve it. Always remember that the most important words are the ones you say to yourself.”

After his trip to space, Katya assured that she does not want to be a well-known person for his acknowledgments, “I want to be a person who helps and changes people’s lives.”

For this reason, she emphasized that now she wants to serve Mexican women to achieve their goals: “I want to dedicate myself to helping each one of you to be what you want to be, we can do what we want to be; if they want to get to space, they can do it.”

This morning, the first Mexican astronaut In traveling to space, he visited President Andrés Manuel López Obrador at the National Palace.

The native of Guadalajara, Jalisco, stressed that it was a meeting to get to know each other and explain her experience in space.

“The truth is that it is an experience that really changes your life completely, not just because of the attention I have received, the perspective changes it, it changes your way of being, your way of existing and how you see life. So for me the most important thing, especially to have national attention like this, is to help young people, motivate them, “she said before the cameras.

In his morning conference, López Obrador stressed that “she is a pride, for all Mexicans, an exceptional woman.”

Who is Katya Echazarreta?

Echazarreta, an electrical and hardware engineer, became the first woman born in Mexico to go to space, after she and five other international crew members blasted off from Texas aboard a New Shepard rocket for a 10-minute flight launched by Blue Origin.

However, while Echazarreta grew up in Guadalajara he was told to give up his dreams of traveling to space. “From everyone around me — family, friends, and teachers — she kept hearing the same thing: That’s not for you.”

The flight came amid efforts to increase diversity in space travel, which has long been dominated by white men.

Of the more than 600 people who have traveled to space since Yuri Gagarin’s pioneering flight in 1961, fewer than 80 have been women and fewer than three dozen have been Black, Native American or Latino.

The flight also joins the blue origin efforts, a venture by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos to compete against Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic for space tourism dollars.

Echazarreta was chosen from more than 7,000 applicants in more than 100 countries.

She was the first passenger sponsored by the non-profit organization Space for Humanity and became one of the youngest women to fly in space.

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