They seized “monsters” of the CJNG hidden among avocado orchards in Uruapan

The General Prosecutor of the Republic (FGR) insured five vehicles with handcrafted armorknown as monstersin addition to two trucks, which were hidden between avocado orchards in Uruapan and marked with the logo of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG).

I agree with the report of the FGRthe automotive units were located by agents of the Secretary of National Defensewho carried out patrols on dirt roads in the town the CarmelitesIn the call green gold capital.

Inside the vehicles, 60 rifle cartridges were found, five ballistic helmets47 magazine holders, two ballistic vests, boots, pants and tactical shirts.

There was also 21 magazines for rifles with 650 useful cartridges, 354 rifle magazines, five firearm magazines, 14 useful cartridges and 21 caliber shotgun cartridges.

The chargers, cartridges and vehicles were seized and placed at the disposal of the Public Ministry of the Federation (MPF), in Uruapan, who will request the investigations and opinions corresponding to elements of the Federal Ministerial Police (PFM), of the Criminal Investigation Agency

For this reason, investigations were initiated against the person or persons responsible for the crime of violation of the Federal Law on Firearms and Explosives.

Since mid-September 2021 they were reported Narcomantas of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel in Uruapanwhere they announced their arrival and asked for two things: they asked the population and businessmen for their support forwhile the federal authorities that they did not intervene in favor of Carteles Unidos. The CJNG remains under the regional leadership of leaders known as the Ghost Y the Panter.

Last April, agents of the National Guard seized a monsteras well as thousands of ammunition of various calibers that were abandoned in the bastion of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel.

According to the report from the federal authorities, the modified unit was inside a trailer located in the municipality of Jamayin the vicinity of Chapala lake. The agents were carrying out surveillance tasks, when they observed a group of people in a suspicious attitude to one side of the truck.

When the civilians became aware of the presence of the official vehicles, they fled in different directions and left the cargo vehicle abandoned. Despite the fact that the elements of the National Guard persecuted the subjects, they managed to escape.

The elements of the GN proceeded to protect the place and implemented a search operation to locate the unknown persons without having positive results.

When carrying out the inspection, they located the armored car, of which the result is still awaited to establish if it has a theft report, because its bodywork was altered. The monster It was inside the box of the trailer and there were also around two thousand useful cartridges of different calibers.

Organized crime fighting vehicles were nicknamed monsters after an armored garbage truck which was found near Camargo in the year 2010.

alexei cheveza consultant on security issues, explained to Infobae Mexico that these types of trucks are used by drug cartels to make a show of forceas they are large and heavy, which makes them difficult to maneuver and difficult to hide in any territory.

It is unknown if they use ballistic steel; however, what can be pointed out is that criminal factions modify the suspension and gear lever, among others. They also add structures similar to Army units to protect the shooter at the top or transport more gunmen with holes in which they deploy rifle barrels.


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