They review suspected case of monkey pox in Miramar beach hotel

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A possible case of monkeypox puts health authorities on alert Tamaulipasfor tourist who presents all the symptoms of this illness and who was staying in a hotel of Miramar beach in Ciudad Madero for three days in July.

Oscar Luis Terán Lara, commissioner of the Coepris in Tamaulipas, mentioned that although this case is not yet confirmed, they have carried out a sanitary fence in one of the beach hotels to avoid riskswhile the staff is constantly monitored, mainly those who had contact with the possible patient.

He indicated that they were authorities of the state of Nuevo León who notified Tamaulipas about a patient who had symptoms and was on vacation in Miramar from July 17 to 19 staying in a hotel on the coastal boulevard.

“Nuevo León notified us of a possible case of monkeypox, in a traveler who was in Tamaulipas on vacation, they have not confirmed us, we are insisting, we anticipate with the sanitary fence in place and epidemiology took the data of all the workers And we are following up on it.”

Sanitary protocols

He insisted that since they received the information this Tuesday, they immediately applied the protocols, which are similar to those of the covid-19 pandemic, with the aim of containing the problem while waiting to be confirmed if it really is the monkey pox.

“We are taking preventive measures based on the protocols that we have established in Tamaulipas, fortunately it is a hotel that does not have common areas, it does not have a restaurant, that helps us a lot in the risk analysis, because it did not interact with more people. Once Nuevo León confirms us, we will let you know.”

meanwhile also Sanitary filters are maintained in ports, airports, accesses to the state of Tamaulipas. The greatest risk is on the border because up to 40,000 Mexicans are repatriated monthly from the United States to Tamaulipas; they are sent to Nuevo Laredo, Matamoros and Reynosa.

“The United States is the country where every time a pandemic occurs, they register the largest number of cases, as happened with covid, which even surpassed China, that is why we are reinforcing the filters in the municipalities of the north of our state”, finished.

At the end of May of this year, the Tamaulipas Ministry of Health activated the surveillance protocols for monkeypox.

On June 13, the Tamaulipas Ministry of Health announced a possible case of monkeypox in Nuevo Laredo. Two weeks later, he indicated that the patient tested negative for the disease.


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