They point to a man for occupying exclusive seats and ‘changes’ gender: “I’m going to be a woman at this time” | VIDEO | News from Mexico

MEXICO CITY.-After a user of the CDMX Metrobus ask to respect the exclusive seats for womena man who was sitting in said area ‘gender change and said “I’m going to be a woman right now”.

According to what was narrated by the user who confronted the subject and a woman, the events were recorded on July 31 in the Metrobus in unit 573 of Line 4.

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The conflict would have started because a man did not respond to the woman’s request to go to the mixed transport area, since he was occupying a exclusive seat for women and children under 12 years old.


After the claim, the complainant received insults and verbal attacks by another woman, who also began to show off her academic degree.

“I am a graduate and you are not going to come to teach me anything and my education is to defend my family … what civility? You put it in the c ***”, he mentioned.

Moments later, one of the men who was sitting in the women’s room assured that if he identified himself as a woman they had to respect it.

There is something called the right to free expression and one is free to choose the gender one wants to be; If I want to be a woman right now, I’m going to be a woman right now, “she said.


It should be remembered that the exclusive cars for women in public transport in Mexico City were implemented to reduce violence against women inside the metrobus.

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Likewise, the CDMX Mobility Law It establishes that men are prohibited from traveling within exclusive zones and if they do not respect the norm they can be subject to fines, arrest and work in favor of the community.

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