They investigate the crime of trafficking in the Narvarte case

Lawyers of the Narvarte case, in which five people were murdered, including the photojournalist Ruben Espinosoh the activist Nadia Vera, They confirmed the formalization and opening of the investigation folder for the crime of human trafficking, in which criminal groups that allegedly exploited two of the victims would be involved.

Sources close to the investigation reported that two of the four murdered women were sexually exploited, and that they had to carry out operations with high economic resources, which were deposited with their traffickers.

In addition, there is the participation of a ghost company, which was the one that allegedly regularized the entry of one of the victims to the country.

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The evidence found in the investigation folder points to all this criminal dynamic in which criminal groups are related, whether organized crime or human trafficking.

Monday morning, outside the Attorney General’s Office (FGJ), relatives of the victims accompanied by their lawyers, demonstrated as part of the actions carried out since last Sunday, seven years after the events that occurred on July 31, but in 2015.

There, the criminal Hector Perez reported that the evidence for the opening of said new investigation, on the crime of trafficking in persons, was already in the same folder for the death of the five people, but that they had been ignored by the then Attorney General’s Office ( PGJ).

He stated that this line of research has been explored since the recommendation made by the Human Rights Commission, and that there would be more people involved, not only the three people accused and in prison for this case, two of them already sentenced.

“This information was already in the possession of the prosecutor’s office and they refused to investigate,” he said, commenting that the opening of this new investigation is a substantial step by the authorities.

Another of the co-litigants in the case, David Penapointed out that there is a subject, presumably the intellectual author of the crime, as well as the participation of one more car.

This publishing house announced that the capital prosecutor’s office is targeting at least three more people, who allegedly participated in the crime and have not been arrested.

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Also that the trial against Cesar Omar Martinez Zendejas, third detainee for the Narvarte multi-homicide, concluded last week, so the judgment of the trial court is awaited to know the penalty to be paid.

In the demonstration held at the headquarters of the local prosecutor’s office, the investigation of former officials of the then prosecutor’s office in charge of both Rodolfo Rios Garza like Edmund Garrido.

Seven years after these events, they pointed out that investigations have also been carried out by organizations in the state of Veracruz, to learn about the context of violence against the press and the modus operandi of the authorities of that administration, headed by Javier Duarte.

They commented that on August 3 they will hold a meeting with the prosecutor Ernestina Godoy. They asked that the institution not set aside the so-called Veracruz line, due to the activism of Nadia Vera and the journalistic work of Rubén Espinosa.

They accused that there are few results in this fiscal administration Ernestina Godoy.

Later, the FGJ said that it opened another line of investigation in addition to deepening the already existing line in Veracruz. They requested the intervention of experts from the National Guard and review more than 60 files.

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