They capture a strange reptile that caused panic in the Xochimilco canals

After several citizen reports indicating the presence of a alligator in the piers of Xochimilcopersonnel from the Animal Surveillance Brigade guarded a nile monitor who roamed the canals.

According to a statement, elements of the local unit went to Prolongación Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez street at its intersection with Chililico alley, of the Santisima Colony to corroborate the facts.

Large crocodile reported

Users of social networks They shared videos where they point out the presence of a large crocodilea situation that caused panic among inhabitants and walkers.

The recordings show that a reptile appears between the water of the piers.

Given these facts, specialists who went to the site observed a scaly reptileand by better analyzing its physical characteristics, they determined that it was a adult Nile Monitorwhich measured approximately 120 centimeters long.

He added that with all the corresponding care, the reptile was placed in a cage to be transferred immediately to its facilities located in the same mayor’s office, where zootechnical veterinary doctors carried out the comprehensive assessment of the specimen, which they will keep under observation, and later They will hand it over to the proper authorities.

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