These are the celebrities who have polluted the environment the most so far in 2022

A few days ago Kylie Jenner was the subject of several criticisms, after it was revealed that the youngest of the Kardahian-Jenner clan used her private plane to make trips of only 17 minutes, although this is undoubtedly a very bad habit for the planet, the businesswoman is not the only one causing a negative impact on the environment.

The sustainability marketing company, Yard, shared a list with the names of the celebrities who pollute the most due to the unconscious use of this luxurious means of transport. To give an idea of ​​how serious the problem is, the company pointed out that the carbon footprint of an average person is 7 tons a year, but in total, these celebrities manage to exceed 3 thousand tons, just so far of this 2022

According to the list, the number one position for the celebrity that produces the most CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) is for Taylor Swift, since in these months the singer has made 170 private trips, almost 16 days in the air, a fairly large amount if Please note that he is not currently on tour. The problem with these escapes is that they have generated 8 thousand tons of carbon, a real danger to the planet’s atmosphere.

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It should be noted that Swift’s representatives have already come out to respond to this statement and assure that the 32-year-old girl usually lends her plane to different people, so it is incorrect to say that all those trips have been hers.

In the number two place is the boxing legend, Floyd Mayweather with a total of 7 thousand tons of C02, with 25 flights per month. According to what is recorded, the shortest flight made by the boxer lasted 10 minutes and had the city of Las Vegas as its final destination.

He is followed in third and fourth place, respectively, by Jay-Z with 6,900 tons and Jennifer Lopez’s ex-fiancé, Alex Rodríguez, who has generated 5,000 tons of carbon.

JLo’s ex-fiancé is third on the list. Photo: Instagram

The list is completed by Blake Shelton, Steven Spielberg, Kim Kardashian, Mark Wahlberg and Oprah Winfrey with trips that have involved between 4 thousand and 3 thousand 400 tons; while Travis Scott, Kylie’s sentimental partner, is in the last place with a total of 3 thousand tons in the first seven months of the year.

According to the Yard report, the data was obtained from the CelebrityJets account and although there is no way to prove that these celebrities were on each and every one of the trips, what they intend by revealing the data is not to create a hate campaign, but to become aware of the damage that this transport is generating.

Kylie Jenner’s partner occupies the last place. Photo: AP

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