The “uncomfortable” exchange of shirts between Jorge Sánchez and Alaba

The friendly match between Real Madrid and the Eagles of Club América left several moments to analyze, although it also caused one or another “curious image”, such as the exchange of shirts between Jorge Sanchez Y David Alaba.

At the end of the match, the América player met the Real Madrid defender and asked him to exchange shirts, to which Alaba responded with a “peculiar” gesture towards the Mexican side.

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Alaba accepted the exchange, but first took Jorge Sánchez by the shoulders to turn him around and “realize” who he was going to exchange his jersey with, to which the Mexican player only responded with a smile.

Despite the uncomfortable moment he lived through, Jorge Sánchez ended up wearing David Alaba’s shirt and the Real Madrid player added the Águilas shirt to his collection.

Regarding the match, América and Real Madrid tied at two goals, with goals from Henry Martín and Álvaro Fidalgo for the Águilas, while Karim Benzema and Eden Hazard scored for the Merengues.

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