The Northern Tigers. How much will they charge to be in the Zócalo on September 15?

After the president’s announcement Andres Manuel Lopez workshop that next September 15 The Northern Tigers will sing in the Zócalo of Mexico City to celebrate the national holidays, Jesus Ramirez Cuevasa spokesman for the Presidency, reported that the group will charge “less than what it regularly charges.”

“They are singers, they are going to charge, but not the same as they regularly charge, it will be less,” said Ramírez Cuevas at the National Palace.

In his morning conference this Wednesday at the National Palace, the President Lopez Obrador announced that the ceremony Cry of Independence On September 15, the Zócalo of Mexico City will be opened to the entire population, where Los Tigres del Norte will sing.

This, after two years of having suspended the popular festival as a measure to prevent contagion by Covid-19.

López Obrador affirmed that his government is saving and the “franciscan poverty“It’s enough for there to be joy and happiness for the people.

He explained that the popular festival will begin at 10:00 p.m. and at 10:00 p.m. Los Tigres del Norte will begin to play, and after the Scream they will return with the show.

“We are saving, because the poverty Franciscan enough for there to be joy and happiness in our people. It is also a historic day. They are going to be with us, before and after the Shout, they are going to perform, Los Tigres del Norte are going to participate”, he reported.

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