the games will come to the app

It’s official, Tiktok starts pilot tests of its promised HTML5 mini-games to hypnotize you (a little more) within its platform.

TikTok wants to become the definitive time hole: the games will come to the app

If the algorithm TikTok and its short videos still haven’t got you hooked, which is of course very unlikely, the truth is that soon you will have new reasons to never leave the platform when spending your idle hoursand it seems that TikTok wants to become the definitive hole for supine procrastination.

Not surprisingly, those responsible for the popular social network have finally confirmed that that promise of the mini-games is a reality and not just borage water, because the pilot tests have already begun so that these casual games in HTML5 that will be integrated sooner rather than later into TikTok apps are ready in the coming weeks or months.

tiktok creator

A cartoon of Zhang Yiming, creator of TikTok.

As our colleagues at TechCrunch told us, these developments will not be carried out by TikTok itself but by partners and external collaboratorswhich at this point already have prepared a good list with up to 7 HTML5 games that are already being tested quietly in select markets.

If you’re wondering, I’m sure you are. here is the collection with these 7 games we are talking aboutand which will obviously be available in the final release of the games for TikTok:

  • Basketball FRVR (by FRVR)
  • Tap the Difference (by Lotum)
  • Peek a Who (by Nitro)
  • Pride Run (by Voodoo)
  • Influencer Run (by Voodoo)
  • Space Destroyer (by Nitro)
  • Mr. Aim Lab’s Nightmare (by Aim Lab)
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This about the mini-games integrated into TikTok was a rumor that had been discussed in all the huddles since the social network and Zynga presented the title ‘Crazy Disco 3D’ at the beginning of this year, although nobody wanted to anticipate an announcement that the company created by Zhang Yiming did not wait, confirming that they were in conversations with other developers to expand this business of casual games within the TikTok platform.

The idea seems to be position yourself with a good site to publish mini-gamesthanks to its huge user base and taking advantage of its algorithm, so the potential of this new functionality is obviously very big as a business, both for the company itself TikTok that will be able to diversify its monetization as even for developers, which would open up new sources of income.

According to these versions beta it seems that by posting a video on the platform you can find the list of new mini-gameswhich can be linked by hashtags and add descriptions, locations, links to other content, and more. So that, contents can be linked with other applications like Whisk recipes, BuzzFeed quizzes, Rotten Tomato ratings, and more, and in the future also with these mini-games they are cooking.

This is how the mini-games are shown in beta inside TikTok

TikTok wants to become the definitive time hole: the games will come to the appTikTok wants to become the definitive time hole: the games will come to the app
TikTok wants to become the definitive time hole: the games will come to the appTikTok wants to become the definitive time hole: the games will come to the app

For now it seems that this testing phase is in its infancy and early stagesso from TikTok they have not wanted to expand the information beyond officially confirm the launch of these mobile game pilots:

We’re always looking for ways to enrich our platform, so we regularly test new features and integrations that add value to our user community. We are currently exploring the possibility of bringing HTML games to TikTok through integrations with third-party game studios and developers.

For now none of these games seem to be monetizingso if we are inside tests like beta testers we will be able to play them without major problems, although if they reach the stable versions, it is most likely that we will see purchases in-app and options premium for these casual titles. They say from TikTok that these pilots only seek to determine if the TikTok user community engages with the games and it does so naturally, without learning curves and with total continuity in the content.

Be that as it may, it is something for which we will have to wait, and which, moreover, it seems quite curious seeing that Zynga has been the one who has planted the seeda signature that grew up sheltered by Facebook and its casual gaming platform. We will see if they are as successful on TikTok and if finally this new and popular contemporary social network becomes that hole of lost time that they want to become.

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