“The Catholic hierarchy is trying to set the country on fire”

The Catholic Church seeks to use a strong hand to fight crime, because since Andrés Manuel López Obrador won the Presidency there has been a rejection of an important sector of the Catholic hierarchy, that is why their attacks against this government, assures the president of the National Confraternity of Christian and Evangelical Churches (Confraternice), Arturo Farela Gutiérrez, who accuses the ecclesiastical hierarchy of wanting to “set the country on fire.”

“Since López Obrador won, a rejection was seen from an important sector of the Catholic hierarchy. I do not know if that is the reason why the President has not received them as the presidents of past six-year terms did before, without ceasing to be a secular country. The Catholic hierarchy intends to set the country on fire, that whatever it is, it is being governed through peace, ”he emphasizes.

In an interview with EL UNIVERSAL, Farela Gutiérrez considers the criticism leveled by priests and bishops of the Catholic Church for the insecurity facing the country to be in “very bad taste and frankly wrong”.

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“They are not governed by what they should teach, which is the Bible as the word of God. In the Bible we find a maxim of Jesus Christ that says: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself’. If the Catholic bishops had Christian practices and teachings, they would stop not only criticizing the public policies of the federal government, but they themselves would be giving opinions based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, and they do not do so, ”he maintains.

He affirms that since Andrés Manuel López Obrador has not adhered to the will of the Catholic hierarchy, it turns with criticisms against the current administration, “which are baseless, without reasons and without arguments. With this, we can realize that the Catholic hierarchy does not want the good of Mexico, but quite the opposite: it is trying to set the country on fire.”

Farela Gutiérrez says that there is peace in the country, arguing that there are no armed groups in Guerrero, Chiapas, Michoacán or in any other part of the Republic.

“Today’s Mexico is very different, now it is an institutional country that adheres to respect for the rule of law. For this reason, we must support the President and stop making those destructive criticisms of him, they must be done but in a constructive way to help him”, he refers.

He states that spiritual education is important “and that is what the President is frequently trying to instruct Mexicans on this subject as a fundamental basis for eradicating violence.”

For the president of the Confraternice there are no flaws or errors in the current government, nor anything to question López Obrador.

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“In a democratic country there must be well-founded, thoughtful, analytical, thoughtful criticism… not irrational,” he stresses.

What is your opinion of the strategy hugs, not bullets, does it really work?

—It seems to us the correct one because we believe that violence should not be fought with violence. Hugs, not bullets means love for others, it means fraternal coexistence. And attacking the origins of violence by teaching principles of love for others are fundamental so that we do not have a Mexico full of violence.

A little over a month ago, Farela Gutiérrez assured that the temples that make up Confraternice would participate in the Day of Prayer for Peace, which was convened by the Conference of the Mexican Episcopate and which took place throughout July.

However, he decided not to participate because “we have other teachings. Jesus Christ teaches us to pray for peace every day. And that is what we do. Every day, 35 million evangelical Christians pray for peace, for our authorities, for the three levels of government, for the more than 125 million Mexicans.”

The pastor, who assures that he will soon meet with the President, points out convinced that if “the criminals who operate in the country had been taught the true Christian faith from childhood, they would not kill, they would not steal, they would not kidnap. Because that is forbidden by the Bible. It is what Jesus Christ teaches.

“Unfortunately, those who have these practices are Roman Catholics and also the Catholic Church does not teach the Bible as it should be, but catechizes. This is supplanting the Bible.”

The president of the Confraternice states that one of the ways in which the violence faced by the country can be combated is by teaching principles of love for one’s neighbor.

“If I love my fellow man, I am not going to steal him, I am not going to kill him, I am not going to kidnap him. That is why the President in the mornings insists on speaking about Christian teachings, which a good part of the audience understands”.

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