The best exercise to grow your forearms fast

    Every week, Athlean-X Trainer Jeff Cavaliere posts content on YouTube in which he shares his knowledge and experience on building strength and size in specific muscle groups. In his most recent video, he shows how to grow your forearms wider and stronger by paying special attention to two specific muscles: the brachioradialis and the extensor carpi radialis.

    Cavaliere explains that when focusing on the brachioradialis, you should focus on elbow flexion. He recommends picking up a straight bar or EZ bar and performing reverse curls, which pronates your grip and therefore places more work on the brachioradialis rather than the biceps. Likewise, to make sure the brachioradialis, and not the brachialis, is doing all the work, he recommends shortening the range of motion in the curl, starting with the bar at your waist and then doing it almost like a reverse drag curl by lifting it up. in a straight line.

    Meanwhile, wrist extension attacks the extensor carpi radialis. To recruit this muscle on the same curl, all you have to do is lift your wrists at the top end of the movement. “This will hammer both muscles at the same time and light them up in a way you’ve probably never experienced before,” says Cavaliere.

    The importance of progressive overload

    Of course, progressive overload is a major factor in muscle growth, so Cavaliere also suggests an exercise where you’ll be able to lift more weight: the dumbbell hammer curl. He notes that the biceps and brachialis will be targeted here due to the movement pattern and lack of full pronation, but adds that it works well as part of a one-two combination with the reverse curl.

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