The 4 photos of Jimin and Suga that show how adorable they are together

One of the couples who have starred in the most beautiful moments for ARMY, is undoubtedly the couple between Jimin Y suga, since offstage they produce a very surprising chemistry, which for many fans they see as the most tender members of the group, that is why we are going to show you the best photos of Jimin and Suga as the most adorable of BTS.

Every time the members see each other, and share beautiful moments, they take several photos on occasions of laughter, interaction, walking and singing, in which many people will describe that there is something more between them. Here are the top 4 moments of Jimin and Suga:

Suga is not usually very affectionate and although he shows his love in another way, this time Suga denied a hug from Jimin out of pride.

Although sometimes the members establish a distance between them, Suga revealed that he misses Jimin a lot and he showed it in the following photo.

It seems that all the members like to be carried as part of a lot of emotion and this time Suga enjoyed it by carrying Jimin with a lot of love during his debut since he was little.

One of the members’ most tender moments was in the FESTA 2021 photos together, where Jimin and Suga showed their best smiles and their poses in the session.

Jimin and Suga sincerely show that they are all love!

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