Televisa actors announce their engagement after keeping it a secret

A few days ago, the actress Dariana Romodaughter of courteous lolitagave the exciting news that she will become a mother, thus giving her second grandson to the current judge of ‘The Academy’.

Now, Dariana and her partner, also an actor, Jorge Trejo They gave another happy news for their followers because they had kept it a secret but they could not hide it anymore.

“This we had not told… but it happened a long time ago. I love you very much, my heaven ”, wrote the young actress of the soap opera ‘SOS I’m Falling in Love’ on her social networks along with a photograph with her now fiancé.

For his part, the actor also placed a romantic photo with his fiancée in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo and wrote, “I don’t think we ever told it but that’s how this story started.”

The couple immediately received congratulations from their friends, family and followers, “I love you with all the strength of my being”, “congratulations”, “wow, they are a very beautiful couple”, “both beautiful”, were some of those who they received.

Daughter of Lola Cortés announces that she will marry her boyfriend

However, in the publications there is no comment from the future grandmother, courteous lolita to know your happiness for your daughter’s engagement.

Let’s remember that Dariana Romo and Jorge Trejo They met when they worked together on the project of Televisa starring Daniel Arenas and Iran Castillo, ‘SOS I’m Falling in Love’.

Daughter of Lola Cortés announces that she will marry her boyfriend

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