Survivor Mexico: TV Azteca will sue expelled from the program for this reason

The production of Survivor Mexicois furious with one of the former participants of the reality show, who after his participation in the show revealed confidential information to thousands of Internet users, who did not go unnoticed by the information that the former participant revealed.

Nevertheless, Aztec TV does not seem to have the intention of staying with his arms crossed, since apparently they are preparing a demand against this star, because before appearing on the reality show he signed a confidentiality agreement.

Although there is not much information about it, an Instagram account dedicated to revealing Survivor spoilers has already confirmed that this information is true and that in the coming months, Aztec TV would be proceeding legally with the demand.

Who is the former Survivor Mexico participant who will be sued by TV Azteca?

As revealed by the Instagram account @juanpabojorquez, the former participant of Survivor MexicoRogelio Torres could be under the sights of Aztec TV after in a recent Instagram live, the star revealed confidential details of the competition.

Survivor Mexico

In it, Rogelio revealed that all the female contestants of the reality show receive “comforts”, off-camera such as razors and toilet paper, when the main objective of the reality show is to demonstrate the survival skills of each of the stars.

This information is completely prohibited from disclosing, because before starting the new season of Survivor, each of the participants had to sign a confidentiality agreement that penalizes each of the contestants in case of disclosing exclusive reality information.

In this way, Aztec TV He is within his rights to be able to proceed legally against Rogelio Torres, who in the coming months could receive legal notice from the television station thanks to the breach of his contract.

Although the amount of money with which the actor could be sued is unknown, the truth is that his actions were wrong from the beginning.

Click here to see the video where the Instagram account tells in full detail this alleged lawsuit against Rogelio Torres.

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