Star of Televisa arrives at ‘Ventaneando’ with a devastating health problem and in a wheelchair

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Mexico City.- In recent days, a beloved actor, who is recognized for his work in Children’s Moviesas well as for his participation in two well-known novels by Televisacame to windowing in Wheelchair and spoke a little of the devastating illness with which he must deal day after day, thus revealing accidents that his own condition has caused it, even above the scenery.

Is about Humberto Dupeyronfather of actress and model Natasha Dupeyronwho participated in productions such as thirst for love, The cat with boots, The tales of Pancho Villa, Nobody is perfect, the father of the rooster Y the burning torchhas also been the recipient of various awards of great importance in the field of entertainment, such as the Harlequin Award, Theater Fans Union Y Award for the best monologue for Radio and Television Announcers and Journalists.

Humberto Dupeyron with Natasha Dupeyron

Recently, windowing went to The Actor’s HouseHumberto’s current residence, to interview him, this in order for him to talk a little about the multiple sclerosis suffering, illness that has come to affect him in a large part of his life, both personally and at work. Although this condition was detected until he was 40 years old, Dupeyrón himself revealed that his first symptom he lived through them when he was just 12.

Well, I started to suffer from it when I was 12 years old, I started having problems in the same school. I couldn’t even pay attention. I started to stutter. I swallowed some letters and one leg would get stiff and there was no way to bend it and on one occasion my dad told me: ‘What’s not? Let’s see’ and he hurt my leg, trying to bend it”, declared the famous

Photography by Humberto Dupeyrón

As some may know, recently the famous, Monica Dosettiwas in the eye of the hurricane, since she was diagnosed with this condition, the same for which her brother, José, would have taken advantage and would have beaten and mistreated her on different occasions, a fact for which Humberto Dupeyrón was questioned, who shared his experience and recounted the characteristics that a caregiver should have.

The caregiver is a job in which you have to love, respect, love the patient and put up with him and understand why he urinates, stinks and screams, doesn’t want to bathe, thousands of things”, declared the famous

To finish, Dupeyrón narrated an anecdote that he had to live when he was during a staging, at which time he was interpreting a monologueAccording to the actor’s words, he no longer controlled his sphincter, so he ended up evacuating without being able to do anything about it. emptied on top, in this way he could hide.

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