SSA will investigate working conditions of Ayotoxco traditional medicine therapists

After making public their precarious employment situation, therapists from the Ayotoxco de Guerrero Traditional Medicine Module were received this day by the Secretary of Health, José Antonio Martínez García, who promised to investigate the conditions in which they work and improve them, confirmed Leticia Reyes, member of the Network of Organizations for the Human Rights of Peasant and Indigenous Women of the Sierra Norte de Puebla,

The meeting, which lasted about an hour, took place in the Portalillo building, in the city of Puebla. There, those affected and the activist explained to the official their disagreement with the way in which Alicia Barrales, State Coordinator of the Traditional Medicine Program, has conducted herself towards those who work in the aforementioned module.

Likewise, they requested that the payment be increased for each care they provide, since it is only 50 pesos, in addition to the fact that there are those who are assigned only one day of the week, which reduces their income and affects their quality of life.

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For example, Justina Esteban Morales, who has 50 years of experience as a huesera, received her last quarterly payment only for the amount of 1,500 pesos, an amount that she declared is insufficient to cover all her needs.

With an advanced age and health problems, he added that he receives help from his daughter, who works in a maquiladora. But even so, she lives a difficult situation since after she underwent gallbladder surgery, she did not do well and repeatedly has to travel to the capital of Puebla and to Mexico City to have studies carried out.

Regarding the case of sexual harassment that occurred in the aforementioned Module of Traditional Mexico, where a worker (who no longer works at the Ayotoxco hospital) tried to forcefully kiss two therapists, Leticia Reyes said that the aggrieved chose to close that case. .

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This is because the victims felt guilty that their coordinator, Verónica Vázquez Escobar, was about to be removed for defending them. This Wednesday the secretary confirmed that she will remain in office.

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