Soccer. Cracks from Metepec are stranded in Gothenburg due to travel agency scam

After being scammed by a travel agency, a equipment youth soccer He was stranded in Gothenburg, Sweden, without having been helped by Mexican authorities until now.

That’s how he narrated Guadalupe Ramirezmother of a family who sought help from the Mexican consulate in that country, but they were unable to support those selected from Cracks Metepec with financial resources, so the relatives had to raise the money to get them back home.

Currently, the minors are already en route from Frankfurt, but they pointed out that they have suffered delays at the airport due to the flight saturation.

The group made up of 22 children, between 13 and 14 years old, as well as two trainers and a doctor, had to spend the weekend at the airport due to lack of accommodation.

“The agency that was contracted defrauded us, they did not buy the tickets, so there were no tickets from the beginning. On the way back it was all a deception that there was already and well no, nothing”, Guadalupe Ramírez commented to THE UNIVERSAL.

In an attempt to contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE), the fathers and mothers sent messages via Whatsapp to the chancellor Marcelo Ebrardbut got no response.

“The consul in Gothenburg was sought. He went early to see them, but the only thing they told them was that they could not be supported financially. They could only see a place where it would be cheaper for them (accommodation), as well as food, ”she said.

Young traveled to Sweden as part of the Gothic Cup, that brought together more than 100 soccer teams from different countries. The group of Mexicans obtained fifth place in the tournament.

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Given the lack of support, he said that mothers and fathers had to mobilize to obtain the necessary resources to buy plane tickets, so this Tuesday the young people have already started their trip back to the country.


Guadalupe Ramírez recounted that a group of Mexicans who live in Sweden helped young people with food in the airport.

He also called on the authorities to support the Mexican athletes abroad, since what happened to the children was not an isolated case.

“There are athletes who They are going to put the name of Mexico on high. They played a great role with their own resources, without support from any government. They should support the sport more and be aware of all these situations when they are going to represent the country, ”he said.

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