Shakira reveals what is the only rule that she imposes on her children for coexistence in her home

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It seems that the singer Shakira he won the custody to his former partner Gerard Piqué and finally will move to Miami and he will live there with his two children Sasha and Milan, as it is said that the footballer accepted the agreement and the boys will begin the move.

The 45-year-old singer’s mansion was acquired when she was still single and will now become her took refuge after a controversial separation Away from the paparazzi and the media. Sasha and Milan they will travel to visit their father and coordinate meetings.

I wish you the best. The important thing is the happiness and well-being of our children”, he wrote Gerard Piqué to the singer in a recent WhatsApp message.

Although Shakira and her children are no longer in European territory, it will be until the next few weeks that they will begin moving to the city of Miami in the United States and in the previous Shakira gave an interview to a Colombian journalist who posted the material on the YouTube channel called “We are Shaki Fans” but I am not asking about the intimacies of divorce but about the relationship and coexistence with their children.

One of the questions that most caught the attention of the interviewer was when he questioned Shakira about the language with which she communicates with your children, to which she replied: “In Spanish, most of the time, but sometimes they speak to me in English”. She, in turn, the artist, clarified that she does not like that they mix words from both languages, but that they use one or the other.

I try not to be spoken to in Spanglish. I try to get them to speak in Spanish or English, but sometimes they mix it up for me. Because it is the most comfortable, right? ”, Shakira added and said that in her case in the recording studio she communicates in English, but in her house they do it in Spanish, her native language.

Finally, Shakira pointed out that she really likes to study languages ​​and that is why she dominates six, Among them is English and Portuguese, which are the ones that he speaks best.

When I was 18 years old, touring in Brazil, I learned Portuguese, so it was my second language. Before learning English, I learned Portuguese and traveling through different countries, Europe and the world, I developed a taste for culture and languages ​​are always an important part of the culture of a people and every time I traveled, I wanted to soak up that cultureShakira said.

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