Sandra Ávila: Party in the Sierra de Tucanes in Tijuana was real

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Sandra Avila Beltran the queen of the pacificconfessed that the song Party in the Sierra of The Tijuana toucans it’s inspired by a royal celebration she attended”famous people” to a birthday.

According to the niece of Miguel Angel Felix Gallardoformer leader of guadalajara cartelon that occasion it was celebrated “the birthday of a well-known person” and the guests arrived in small planes and helicopters.

However, the 61-year-old woman did not reveal more details of where the celebration would have taken place or who attended.

“I’m going to tell you the truth, that song is real. It was the birthday of a well-known person and indeed, it is a birthday party where people arrive by plane, in helicopters and where there are many famous people from that state and from other places.

“It’s not fanciful (…) the man of the party told them everything about how he was because that day they were going to play. I don’t know why they didn’t play, but I think they played him many times later and he told them how the event was and for It was a surprise to see me arrive and he was very pleased. He hugged me, the very tall man, picked me up in his arms and was very pleased to see me”.

The song of The Tijuana toucans mentions that it was ahigh-ranking party” in which “there was powerful people of the government and fugitives”.

That day, according to the lyrics, there were people “with guns and with his goat’s horn”, when suddenly “a beautiful lady with horn”, that is, “the famous queen of Peaceful and its beaches”, a “big piece of the business.

Sandra Ávila Beltrán acknowledged that she likes weapons, but she doesn’t carry one all the time and when she practices using one, she does it in areas far from the population so as not to hurt anyone.

“Yes, I do like to shoot and I really like target shooting; it’s not that I’m armed, but being in a place where you are in the mountains and where people are not in danger, yes.”


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