Ramiro Funes Mori confesses that he watched Mexican soccer since he was a child and is excited to play against his brother Rogelio

Argentine defender Ramiro Funes Mori arrived in Mexico to close his signing with Cruz Azul, which has had difficulties rounding out its squad

MEXICO — Ramiro Funes Mori arrived on Tuesday night in Mexico City to carry out medical examinations and be able to stamp the signature that makes him a soccer player Blue Cross.

The “Twin” He admitted that he is excited to play with the Machine and face his brother Rogelio Funes Mori in Mexican soccer, since he confessed that since he was a child he has been a follower of the MX League.

“Since I was a child I watch Mexican soccer, I grew up in the United States, I used to go many times to watch the games when the Mexican teams played, I am a soccer fanatic and since my brother is in Mexican soccer, I watch Mexican soccer a lot, so I know him, so, with great expectation, with great enthusiasm and with great desire”, he declared in the corridors of the International Airport of Mexico City.

“(It gives) A ​​lot of prestige, Mexican soccer has grown a lot lately. There are many Argentines in Mexican soccer, it is already a tradition, Argentines come a lot to Mexican soccer, many players have passed, good players have passed. It is intense football, It’s a very nice soccer, where the teams are powerful”, said the virtual reinforcement of the Blue Cross.

Ramiro Funes Mori stated that, in addition to being ready to play, he has been informed about Blue Crosseven revealed that he has already spoken with Diego Aguirrealthough he did not want to give details of the talk with the Uruguayan strategist.

“I’m here to play, I was doing preseason in Marbella, I was watching the matches Blue CrossI saw the last one against Necaxa, I am quite informed, I am a soccer fanatic, I like to watch soccer”.

The “Twin”, who has his brother Rogelio Funes Mori in Montereywill present this Wednesday the medical exams to be able to sign the contract that binds him to Blue Cross officially.

“I was anxious to come, to train, so thank God I’m here. Tomorrow to do the medical tests and sign the contract.”

Finally, Funes Mori sent a message to the fans of Blue Crosswhich did not leave him alone at the International Airport of Mexico City, because around 10 people, with their Machine shirt, received him.

“I come with great desire, with great enthusiasm, with great expectations, to give everything for the shirt and with humility and work that things will give,” he said.

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