Pochettino tells how it was to be in the locker room with Mbappé, Neymar and Messi

The former PSG coach is currently without a club and told details of his time as coach of the Parisian team

Mauricio Pochettino he has been without a club since leaving PSG at the end of last season, after a year and a half in which he failed to live up to expectations at one of the richest and most stellar teams in the world.

The Argentine spoke about what it was like to command Messi, Neymar and Mbappé in the PSG dressing room last season, among other things, to the newspaper ‘Infobae’.

“For me it was a pleasure. We always talked about it with the entire coaching staff. It was an incredible possibility to be able to have so many names, so many figures in a locker room, sharing moments. That was one of the most positive things, having been able to meet them and compete in these circumstances,” said the coach.

“I think they are players who always surprise. They have a huge, incredible quality. I think they are what they are because not only did they show it when they came to Paris, but they also have that aura, that energy, that makes them different.”

Pochettino he also said that he did not believe that Mbappé had become the new “boss” of the club after his renewal.

“What I think is that PSG did everything possible to keep Kylian and I also agree with that. He is one of the best players in world football today and I think that PSG, having all the resources for that, convinced him to stay. But I don’t think Kylian is the one who designed the new project either. The boss, in this case the president, is the one who would have thought that a new project at the club would be more convenient.”

The Argentine also evaluated his time at the French club.

“I think it was very positive. You always have to capitalize on experiences and learn from them. We are rational beings who have to think like that. In sports we won the Cup, the Super Cup and the League in a year and a half, but well, of course PSG’s project is to win the Champions League and everything that is not winning the Champions League can always be considered a failure. In any case, it is a failure of fifty years, not only of the last season, because the PSGespecially in the last ten, eleven years, with the arrival of the new owners, they have the objective of winning the Champions League and I think they will achieve it because the resources are there, but sometimes in football it is not what you think it can be being, there are factors that cannot be controlled, but insisting year after year, surely PSG will achieve the dream of winning a champion”.

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