NY lawyers demand respect for the Court from the 4T

Washington and Mexico City /

The New York Bar Association expressed concern about comments from President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who announced a judge’s investigation for issuing a provisional suspension in a case involving the government.

The agency urged “the Mexican government and its elected officials to respect judicial independence in a manner consistent with international law and Mexico’s international commitments.”

Last Tuesday, July 19, the President indicated that the federal government is investigating the judge Juan Pablo Gomez Fierrowho granted protection to the Spanish energy giant Iberdrola to pay a fine of 10 billion pesos.

“The President’s acts violate international law; The basic principles regarding the independence of the Judiciary establish that all governmental and other institutions shall respect and abide by its independence.

“This to ensure that judges will resolve matters impartially, based on facts and in accordance with the law, without restriction and without influence,” the bar association said in its message.

For his part, the Minister President, Arturo Zaldívar, pointed out that the Supreme Court is perhaps the constitutional court that resolves the most cases in the world.

When opening the second period of sessions of the year, he highlighted that so far this year they have resolved more than 5,700 cases.

“All issues are highly relevant to the political and social life of the country, but above all to human rights.”

He added that the balance of what the Court does is not only quantitative, “which in itself would be impressive,” but qualitative, since he stressed that the judicial reform of last year “has allowed the two chambers to dedicate more time and care to transcendental matters.

“The Court is a cutting-edge court in the world and a reference point for rights in terms of defense and development, which they turn to see from other latitudes (…) and will continue to be a bastion of Mexican democracy and a guarantee of the state of law”.

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