Niurka: They filter alleged audio where he calls his children parasites

Niurka Marcos goes from one scandal to another and on this occasion a Audio where his voice is supposedly heard referring to his three children, Kiko, Roman Y emilyas maintained ones, and even called them “hue$%$” and “parasites”.

It was on the show ‘Gossip not like’ where they broadcast this audio, which they released after Niurka attacked Javier Cerianidriver of said show space, because he allegedly said that the vedette supported her current partner, the actor John Vidalwho was his partner in the reality show ‘The House of Celebrities 2’where their romance arose.

“I invite you to do what we do at ‘Empire Baby News,’ show with evidence that I gave Juan money, that I keep it, that the 80 (80 thousand pesos that Juan owed Cynthia Klitbo, his ex-partner) and all that, but with evidence”expressed the Cuban.

In this regard, Javier Ceriani denied having said that she supported Juan and even said that they would present the audio to show that Niurka had no money to support her partner or anyone.

Immediately, they presented an audio where Nirka is supposedly heard saying: “He went to Europe, my son, with that money he went in the car. This year, since I have not had a job, I have only had to meet my needs and he did not give me for more”.

They are the three children of Niurka: Kiko, Romina and Emilio.

Then the voice, which supposedly corresponds to the showgirlreferred that he asked his children to contribute money to the house: “When he arrived, I began to tell the three of them: ‘Now we have to contribute to the house, they are already working.’ Emilio, who is the youngest, is the one who earns the most of the three, ‘what are you going to pay for the House?’ ‘Well, I do super and pay for the gas’ (Emilio would have said). ‘Romina, you pay the (inaudible)’, and ‘Kiko, what are you going to pay for?’, he never told me”.

Finally, he is heard saying: “And that’s what happened this year, the metamorphosis of freeing myself from all this burden that I had to literally maintain, even if it hurts… hue$%&#$, parasites.”

It is worth mentioning that in ‘Gossip no like’ they did not disclose when this audio is from, in addition, it is known that since 2020 her daughter Romina has spoken that she has already become independent and her mother does not support her financially.

For a couple of years, Romina has said that she has already become independent.

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