Niurka advises Cynthia Klitbo to change her ‘preferences’; the actress was not silent

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Mexico City.- As many will already know, Niurka Marcos Y Cynthia Klitbo are in the middle of the eye of the hurricane, after the Cuban star began her romance with John Vidalin The House of Celebrities 2and yes, there were those who thought that it was all a trick to raise the audience, the truth is that the ex-partner of John Osorio and the Dominican continued their love outside the reality showthe point is that the villain of No man’s wife had an affair with the actor, which is why he sent a warning to the dancer, informing her to be careful, since he was “dishonest” and “aggressive”.

After this fact, a war broke out between the two celebrities, the same ones that few or no times had been found in the forums of Televisa, previously. As is known by many stars, Niurka is a woman of arms, not for nothing is she known by the nickname ‘Scandal Woman’, a fact that she recently showed off, when she was interviewed in the Mexico City Airportmoment in which Vidal and she were intercepted by the press.

Niurka and Juan Vidal meet again after ‘The House of the Famous’

It turns out that in this meeting, the Cuban woman sent a message to Klitbo asking him to look for another preference and try hanging out with women of the same gender, assuring that he was looking to be a copy of Ninel Count and ventilating that she snored “like a train”, an intimate fact that she probably knew thanks to Juan Vidal, since, otherwise, it would be difficult for her to know any nocturnal habits of the star of Chains of Bitterness.

You get very crazy with men. So, find another preference and try, it’s what I advise her. I have no qualms about saying what I have to say. So, it’s not about levels. She is like Ninel Conde; She wants to take Ninel Conde’s place, I have to tell her, You snore… like a train!” Niurka declared.

Around the same time these events happened, Cynthia Klitbo shared a videoby way of reflectionin their social networks, where she was praised by all her followers, who described her as “a real lady”, since they considered that it was a response against Marcos, although this information has not been confirmed by the actress; however, due to the way they send messages to each other, there is always the possibility.

Good morning, the uglier things get in hell, the more one goes to heaven. Thank God, bye,” Klitbo declared.

Cynthia Klitbo would send a message to Niurka

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